Active Health Massage Therapy

Active Health Massage Therapy

484 Oxford St E, London 519-679-9118

Active Health Massage Therapy, centrally located in London, offers a warm, cozy and inviting environment.

With ten years of experience, we maintain a professional atmosphere in an intimate personal setting through

consistency of team members and quality of service. On this page we provide more information about each therapist.

If you wish to contact any of them personally you can use the contact form below.

Jocelyn was born and raised in London. In 2004, she graduated as a Massage Therapist at D''Arcy Lane and

quickly found a passion for working with pregnant women. Easing them through the emotional and physical

changes of pregnancy and delivery became a focus. In 2007, she took that passion to a new level and became

a Doula to support women through labour and delivery. Jocelyn has found that aspect of her work very

rewarding, and a huge growing experience for her personally.

Also in 2007, Jocelyn joined teams with Angela at Active Health, beginning a journey as a small business

owner as well as a Registered Massage Therapist.

Jocelyn truly loves what she does and believes completely in the benefits of massage. Whether a client

seeks treatment to recover from a sports injury, get rid of constant migraines, reduce stress, reduce or

eliminate chronic pain, or just to relax, her joy is knowing she makes a difference. She loves learning

about her clients and takes pride in helping them.

She feels fortunate to be able to provide this type of benefit and support, and it brings her joy to see

the smile on a client''s face after successful treatments.

Angela received her training at the D''Arcy Lane School of Massage Therapy. Since 2005, she has been a Registered Massage Therapist, and is in good standing with the College of Massage Therapists.

Through her practice, she has found a love for incorporating DoTERRA essential oils into her treatments, and is proud to hold a certificate to perform AromaTouch massage sessions through DoTERRA.

Angela has many passions. Among them are a high level of self-care, raising confident children and supporting women through pregnancy, birth and mindful parenting. She is a mother of two, who enjoys playing baseball and believes strongly in the Law of Attraction.

She loves working with clients who are in charge of their own health and value a natural approach to health. Her enthusiasm for helping people live a healthy life mentally, physically and spiritually is genuine.

Angela devotes her time to assisting people make their health the number one priority so they can be of service to others.

Jenny graduated from the Toronto School of Homeopathic Medicine in 2009, and has been practicing

Homeopathic Medicine for the last 3 years. Prior education included a three year study at the Chicago

National College of Naprapathy where she specialized in the study of connective tissue in the human

body. Her BA from Queen''s University began her studies of health and nutrition.

A long-distance runner, Jenny found she had a personal investment in focusing on optimal health for

physical performance. Her studies included clinical and holistic nutrition with the goal of optimizing

health with nutritious food and supplementation.

Treating patients at a clinic in Chicago, she became convinced there was a missing piece in the standard

therapeutic approach in treatment of connective tissue, and took further studies in Homeopathic

Medicine. Homeopathy can work on a deeper level than nutrition alone. It is very effective in treating

injury, pain, inflammation and can also promote tissue repair, preventing long-term consequences of

Jenny''s patients are active people: adults, youth, children who want to perform efficiently, even

optimally. As her passion for sports injury care developed, and through training in homeopathic

medicine and treatment of connective tissue, her patients have become more specific.

She treats the underlying cause, as well as the symptoms of musculoskeletal complaints such as pain,

sore muscles, stiff joints, shoulder issues, low back pain, inflammation, sciatica, scar tissue, and running

Jenny is devoted to working with patients who are committed to taking the time to heal and being

proactive in their own health care. Rebalancing the internal system can take 3-6 months. The initial visit

covers learning about the patient and his or her symptoms and experience. A case work-up is then done

to analyze the symptoms and make an accurate prescription. A treatment plan addressing the patients

As treatment progresses, Jenny may include a nutritional assessment, yoga therapy sessions or even

It is an individualized package tailored to YOU!

Thank you for your continuing interest in our clinic and services.

If you would like to contact one of our therapist or homeopath please use the form to do so.

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