Stop smoking programs

Stop smoking programs

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Are you the Guy that just keeps puffing away like it''s no big thing. Even though the entire room is filling with your second hand smoke, you may kid yourself that it doesn''t bother anyone, right? Are you really serious? This is one of my pet-hates.

Informed people no longer allow the smoking habit to rule.

I, like many modern and informed people, absolutely cannot stand it, when individuals smoke like chimneys in public places. Whether it''s in a restaurant at lunch time or in a bar at night, it is still really irksome to me. And annoys me beyond reason.

From my point of view, why should I have to be directly subjected to your bad habit? On top of that, second hand smoke has been proved to definitely cause cancer. If you have smokers lung, why should I?

Smoking is a habit that''s no longer cool.

Get a clue already. This "so-called" cool habit was ''passe'' years ago. It''s time to have some respect for your fellow man and for yourself and your body. Don''t you realise the dangers of smoking? Surely the smoking statistics, showing how many lung cancer sufferers there are from this pernicious habit.

Have you checked into any contemporary ''stop smoking programs''? These Quit smoking regimes and aids, are all the rage now days. Although you may not have the will to do it on your own, you can get it done with stop smoking programs.

Quit Smoking... the hard way.

Do you remember that Stephen King film? The one back in the 80s. I believe it was called "Cat''s Eye." Well there was this one tale with James Woods, which was about him trying to break his smoking habit. I''ll never forget it, because I thought it was so ''hardcore''.

Now that''s certainly one of the more effective stop smoking programs I''ve witnessed. Well, if you haven''t seen it, they basically use his family as leverage. If he''s caught smoking a cigarette, they may cut off one of his wife''s fingers or his child''s ears. Now that''s what I really call effective! Brutal maybe, but talk about getting the job done. Who ever said negative reinforcement doesn''t work?

Anyway, you get the picture. This sort of therapy would certainly force someone to stop smoking. Fortunately for all you ''cancer-stick addicts'' out there, we have much less violent stop smoking programs that work.

Stop Smoking Aids.

Some quit smoking tips

Have you tried the stop smoking patch? I do have a relative, who swore by this method. He stopped smoking very quickly and quit so he just didn''t start up again. Then there is that good old ''nicotine'' chewing gum. I watched a co-worker attempt quitting the habit by this route. Man, was he chewing tons of gum. The good news is that it seemed to work well. He had stopped smoking for close to three months. However, when our boss got fired, and he was left in charge, he resorted back to the cigarettes.

Resolve and Will Power, is all you need to Stop Smoking.

Whatever smoking quit tips you may receive,Go figure it out. Regardless of what stop smoking programs you initiate, the key is will-power. If your heart isn''t in it, you probably won''t succeed. Get online now and sort through a number of new-age stop smoking programs. Kick that habit before it forces you to "kick the bucket".Always remember when your resolve weakens, ''smoking Kills''.

Smoking Cessation IS possible!

Remember always that the reason you have so much difficulty in quitting smoking is simply because it is a most powerfully addictive drug ''NICOTINE'', is your enemy! he pretends to be your friend and once you listen to him you are lost, because he can always invent a reason why you should continue this evil and harmful habit.

Smoking Kills, anti smoking saves lives.

You may feel that this article has been a bit cruel and hard-hitting, but you and only you, can get the power and derive the benefits of quitting smoking.Your will power can defeat Nicotine!

TO take steps to help you to quit NOW, Check on this wonderful ''audio book'' and reinforce your will power and resolve!