Will Low And No Carb Diets Help Me Lose Weight?

Will Low And No Carb Diets Help Me Lose Weight?

Studies have shown that low to no carb diets actually help in weight losing, in fact, it is said to be even more effective than low fat diets. But, do you know that there are quite some negative effects that results from this kind of diets?

So will cutting carbs help me lose weight? First you have to understand that not all carbs are created the same. They have all been banded together but some carbs are necessary for a healthy and fulfilled lifestyle. So how do you tell a good carb from a bad one? Well. lets go back to basics. There are two basic types of carbohydrates: Firstly the Sugars, which are known as a simple carbohydrate. Secondly the Starches, which are known as complex carbohydrates.

These carbs take time to be digested, that’s the big difference. Simple carbohydrates are digested rapidly, whereas digestion takes place more slowly for complex carbohydrates.

A lot of these simple carbohydrates come from processed foods such as pizza, chocolate, cakes, foods that contain or more accurately have added sugars. These will give you a quick burst of energy. Misunderstood by many is the fact that you can get the same results by eating apples, bananas, grapes, raisins. Simple carbs but much healthier because they contain other nutrients and vitamins needed by the body.

While a low or no carb diet means that the absolute reduction in carbohydrate intake can benefit you by preventing your getting fat, keep in mind that you should maintain a carbohydrate intake of between 45 and 65% (with individual variance).

As time goes by, your body becomes starved of carbohydrates, and in turn results in a Metabolic Disorder – ‘Ketosis’. You will have no energy to perform most tasks, feeling tired all the while, you might also lose your sleeps if your body is to weak to take this kind of low to no carb diets. However, you can recover from the situation by consuming high carb foods, and then all the weight that you lost will come back once you start consuming these high carb foods.

It’s just a vicious cycle. At first you will lose the weight but after that you will have to conpensate with a lower level of energy and when you try to get back to where you were the weight will come back. Maintainging low to no carb diets can cause deterioration to parts of your body giving you long term side effects that outweigh the short term benefits.

So will cutting carbs help me lose weight? Only if you reduce the correct type of carbohydrate from your diet together with some other changes then cutting carbs can help you lose weight.

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