100 Recommendations for Embracing Living To A Quality Age Of 100.

100 Recommendations for Embracing Living To A Quality Age Of 100.

By Debbie of Debbie Does Health 2

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Do you want to live to 100 years old? Embrace these 100 recommendations and try to incorporate them into your daily life routine starting now. Finding the secrets to living a happy, fullfilled, and healthy lifestyle will help us enjoy the golden years and beyond.

1. Find reasons to laugh. Laughter is good for the soul.

2. Have a purpose to get out of bed every morning. Finding passion in what you do will give you purpose to get up every morning and want to achieve it.

3. Forgive. Forgive yourself and anyone who needs forgiveness.

4. Enjoy nuts. Eating nuts is a great healthy snack.

5. Walk a lot. Walking is moving and moving our bodies is essential to staying healthy.

6. Be able to adapt to change. Living to 100 you are going to see a lot of change, loss, and sadness in your life. To be able to handle these emotions, you must be able to start a "new normal" each time.

7. Be happy. No matter what, find happiness in every situation. Search for the silver lining.

8. Take up ballroom dancing. Dancing is great exercise and is something we can do at any age.

9. Get out and travel. Traveling is great because of the appreciation you have when you get home.

10. Love is kindness. This is the golden rule to life.

11. Love yourself. Sometimes we love others too much and forget about loving ourselves.

12. Put down the takeout menu. Eating at home is usually a healthier option.

13. Practice yoga. Join a class and stretch.

14. Be optimistic. Finding the glass half full has its positive advantages every day.

15. Try meditation. Meditation can help relieve the stress and we get more in tuned with our bodies and mind.

16. Cut down on red meats. Eat more healthy salads.

17. Marry your soul mate. Don’t settle.

18. Cut up your charge cards. Live within your means, which means, don''t charge what you can''t afford. Don''t go in debt because you become a slave to whom you owe.

19. Be family oriented. Make your spouse and family a priority every day.

20. Be involved in your grandkids. Family time is everything. Grandparents are important role models.

21. Read or Listen to meaningful books. Never stop reading.

22. Brush those pearly whites. Teeth are essential to good health.

23. Find a buddy to exercise. Accountability is something that helps us achieve our health goals.

24. Take up cycling. Get a bike and pedal for great exercise and fresh air.

25. Get a massage. Stress sneaks up on us and holds tight in our shoulders and neck. Release those muscles.

26. Pamper yourself with a pedicure. Your feet are so important and need to be taken care of so do this often.

27. Stop smoking. And never start.

28. Eat your fiber. High fiber diets allow us to go to the bathroom which is highly important.

29. Drink lots of water daily. Our bodies are made up of 75 % water and needs to be replenished daily.

30. Don’t forget flossing. Our teeth have a lot to do with our health and flossing is essential.

31. Vacation. A family vacation yearly is a great way to start making fond memories that will surely continue into the future.

32. Friendship. Keep the old and find new lasting positive friends.

33. Stay in school. Never stop learning even if it is a class to learn how to garden.

34. Send Cards. With all the new technology sometimes we forget that a card sent in the mail can bring such joy.

35. Don’t dread getting older. Enjoy your journey and be proud of your age. Look forward to every birthday and celebrate it.

36. Go on a nature hunt. Explore and look for the beauty in nature. The birds, butterflies and trees bring natural healing to our soul.

37. Be in the present. Don’t always dwell on the past or think about the future. Live in the present and be aware of what is around you and appreciate it.

38. Find Good Nutritional Products. Taking the right supplements that can help body cells regenerate can help keep you out of the doctor''s office. It can also be beneficial in helping maintain an optimal weight.

39. Be Faithful. Commit and be faithful. Be a good role model.

40. Learn about your spirituality. Be proud of what you believe and learn more about it. Be open to other beliefs and learn from them.

41. Drink a little or not. (But only in moderation!) Enough said.

42. Get fishy. Try eating fresh water fish and fish that aren’t bottom feeders.

43. Help someone else. Acts of kindness are never overlooked and usually are returned to you in blessings.

44. Volunteer. Volunteering can fill your soul by helping those that need help.

45. Routine. Most people and all children thrive on a daily routine.

46. Get enough sleep. Sleep is a very vital function in being healthy.

47. But not too much sleep. Don’t sleep your life away.

48. Adopt a pet. Pets become part of our family and love us unconditionally.

49. Join the 1 percent of Americans. Save for retirement now. Start your 401K and save for the day when you can retire.

50. Go to plays. You don’t have to go to New York to see a Broadway Play, but musicals are uplifting and inspirational.

51. Run -- but not too much. Running is a high impact exercise that can harm your knees.

52. Wash your hands. Wash your hands with soap and water. Don’t use the germ free gels.

53. Drink your coffee -- but in moderation. If you like coffee, have a cup a day without all the creams and sugars.

54. Make goals and write them out. All of us should make long and short term goals. Make sure you take action to achieve them.

55. Hold Hands. Always hold hands with the people you love. The power of touch is powerful.

56. Grow from trauma. When in life you have a set back, which all of us do, find the silver lining and grow from the experience. This is called wisdom.

57. Keep busy. Keeping busy keeps us moving.

58. Get to know your neighbors. Making friends in your neighborhood will be to your advantage for many different reasons.

59. Give. Tithing or giving to your favorite charity is a personal choice that will bring happiness.

60. Have integrity. Having a good heart and being truthful goes a long ways.

61. Smile. Smiling is the number one component that most people notice instantly about someone. It sends good vibes and makes yourself feel better.

62. Hit the gym. Working out alone or in groups has many health advantages.

63. Pray. Pray when things are good as well as when you need the help.

64. Visit relatives. Don’t forget to visit your family often.

65. Give thanks. Gratitude should be expressed. Don''t forget to send thank you notes in a timely manner.

66. Take the stairs. Take those stairs every chance you get.

67. Wear Sunscreen. Skin cancers are preventable. Always wear sunscreen on your face, ears, and neck.

68. Mentor. Become a mentor for programs like Big Brothers & Big Sisters and change someone’s life. It might be your life that changes the most.

69. End the bad habits. Bad habits can result in not achieving your dreams.

70. Believe in your own good health. Be your own cheerleader. Never tell yourself that you will get a disease or that you are going to get sick.

71. Teach. We all know something we can teach someone else. So teach.

72. Learn to cook. Take a cooking class. Most people today have never made an apple pie like our grandmothers did.

73. Turn off the TV. There is nothing on TV that is going to make you a better person. Turn it off.

74. Tune in to music. Your type of music can brighten your day. Don’t forget to hum, sing, and dance along.

75. Cut the sugar and carbs. Most illnesses thrive on sugar and carbs.

76. Choose your job wisely. Find the career that makes you happy and want to go to work. If you need to change careers, don''t be scared of change.

77. Put the cell phone down. When you are with family or friends, don’t be on your phone constantly. No texting while driving either.

78. Get a passport. Everyone should travel to another county to embrace other cultures.

79. Keep a journal. Write in a journal to keep your thoughts about your life. This is a great way to reflect on the choices you made in your life.

80. In the face of bad health, keep a positive attitude. Always be positive, think positive, and be around positive people when you need it the most.

81. Eat less. This is a healthy habit we all need to learn.

82. Invest in yourself. If you need counseling, go get it. If you need a health trainer, go get it. If you need a vacation, take it.

83. Get a mammogram and yearly physicals. Always be proactive in your health.

84. Happy childhood memories. Even if you don’t think you had a happy childhood, revisit it in your mind and find at least one happy memory. Focus on those moments that made you smile. Don''t dwell on a negative past. It can''t be changed.

85. Live a spiritual life. Learn about your spiritual side and embrace it.

86. Find the healthy hobbies that make you light up. Make time for those hobbies and invite a friend to join you.

87. Turn off talk radio. Don’t listen to talk radio when you are in your car. Download an audio book that is of interest to you.

88. Go to funerals. If someone you love dies, invest the time and energy to go to the funeral for the family. This is a great time to reflect on your own life. At least send a card if you can''t attend.

89. Learn another language. This is something we all should do no matter your age.

90. Never retire. Having goals and responsibilities keep us motivated.

91. Take pride in your looks. If we look good, we feel good.

92. Turn off the news. Don’t listen or read all the bad news in the world today. Look for the feel good stories and find the good in people.

93. Play golf, tennis, or try a game of bowling. These are sports you can always play and stay active into our Golden years.

94. Don’t give negative opinions. Don’t judge people and then tell others. Instead of judging other people’s wrongs, pray for them to make better decisions.

95. Learn to swim. Water is a great activity with low impact on your body.

96. Don''t get angry. Don''t get mad or try to get even. Let it go. Forgive and move on.

97. Use your brain. Crossword puzzles, word finds, and writing keeps the mind a moving.

98. Finish college and then consider grad school. Going to school can be done at any age.

99. Surround yourself with good moral friends. We become who we hang around so pick them carefully.

100. Love one another. Being loved, giving love, and wanting love is really the only reason why anyone would want to live to be 100. Love those who need it most. Embrace love. Better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.


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