Can I get an NHS prescription to help with my ED?

Can I get an NHS prescription to help with my ED?

If you are having problems with Erectile Dysfunction and are about to visit your doctor, then it is natural to assume that you will be able to get an NHS prescription to fund the purchase of any medication that you need for this. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

The guidelines for this are quite strict and you will only qualify for an NHS funded prescription if you are suffering from a serious medical condition. This does not prevent your G.P. from issuing you with a prescription but this will be a Private Prescription and you will have to pay for it. Some of the medical conditions that will make you eligible for NHS funding for your prescription are diabetes, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, prostate cancer, polio, spina-bifida, kidney failure or something of an equally serious nature. If you are not sure if you qualify or not, do discuss this with your doctor.

Will your private prescription be expensive?

Because the patent for Viagra has now expired, the cost has decreased dramatically so you should now find it affordable and within your budget. Luckily you can forget the days when it cost several pounds per tablet. The price of other similar drugs may vary so again, if you are worried that you will not be able to afford the medication, make your doctor aware of the fact so that he can give you as much help and assistance as possible. If the drugs he wishes to give to you vary in price, he may be able to focus on the cheaper ones.

What happens if I have been referred to a specialist?

If your doctor has referred you to see a specialist, the same conditions will apply. He will only be able to give you medication funded by an NHS prescription if your condition is causing you ‘severe distress’. This will be for him to decide and he will take a careful look at your present condition and background before he commits to this. For instance, if you are suffering severe mental distress and depression as a result of ED, he may take this into account. Always provide your specialist with all the facts so that he is able to reach the decision that will be the most suitable one for you.

Can I buy ED drugs on the internet without a prescription?

Most bona-fide sites that sell drugs for ED online will ask for a prescription. If they do not, then be very wary. Very often the type of drugs that you buy online are not checked or even regulated and the ingredients in them may not even be what they should be. You will be taking a risk if you consume medication that could possibly be unsafe.