I had major trouble losing weight for a very long time. I couldn’t lose the stubborn fat. It just wasn’t going away. For the sake of my family, I had to lose it if I were to live long enough to see all my children grown up. I made it a point to lose the excess fat. all I needed now is a tool. Then I found Fit Mind, Fit Body.

Don Staley makes the great point that you have to discipline your mind, before you can hope to have a fit body. He gives you solid principles and lots of pointers on how to do this, from visualization, to a daily affirmation card, to replacing Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs). It was extremely well written and easy to read, with lots of lists, quotes, and charts. Overall the style and format were outstanding.

Don Staley’s book, Fit Mind, Fit Body, is the perfect mix of science and story; fact and fun. If weight loss really were as simple as “calorie in and calorie out”, people would change more easily and readily. What Don introduces here is the missing link to a healthy, fit body. It took me years and thousands of dollars to learn all of the valuable information within these pages – information that can transform not only your body but your entire life. I hope all the readers realize the gold they now possess and use these principles to take action now!

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I couldn’t put this book down. I read page after page of compelling strategies in Fit Mind, Fit Body on how to put your fitness on autopilot and create Your Ideal Body without the stress of special diets or exercises. In fact, it was written for 95% of us who struggle with diet and exercise.

Finally, someone has taken the powerful laws of the universe and cracked the code on how to live your ideal life along with having your ideal body. It was such an easy to follow format that it made it straightforward to learn and understand.

My favorite part in the book is the 30 Day Action Plan so you can hold yourself accountable to making the lasting changes you desire for your body that leads to hug positive changes in your life.

I really hope this book is a huge success for Don Staley because I truly believe it can help so many people. In fact, I have a list of people who are getting the book as a Christmas gift from me this year. I already told them about it and they can’t wait to get their copy. I know they will Love It!

Anyway, I’ve had my successful body transformation with the aid of this book. I’ve become a fitter person with a fitter mind to boast. I love this resource and I would love everyone to get their hands on this book and become the fitter versions of themselves now along with having tremendous success in the other areas of their lives.