Not sure if it counts so much, since I don’t usually work on Saturday, but this is the official first day of my ELEVEN day holiday! I know I may have mentioned this several times over the last few posts, but hey, it’s cool, alright?

After Miss M was lavished with enough gifts for thirty children last night, I’m feeling a little nervous about the limited amount of presents I’m giving her. Her main present is a bike, which is from Santa, so I can’t even claim any resulting kudos. Especially tragic because I put the damn thing together with my own two hands, with only the merest amount of help from Harry, my neighbour, whose tools I had to borrow, being without my own shifting spanner.

I do have a closed ring shifter, which is so shiny and gorgeous I love using it, but it’s only taken out when my bike has a puncture, which hasn’t happened for many months now. It’s a classic good/bad situation, because there was a stage where I had eight punctures in a two week period, and got so good at changing them I could have been on Lance Armstrong’s support crew.

I’m somewhat proud of my bike assembly because I’d assumed only the front wheel I needed attaching, so imagine my surprise (and extreme use of profanity) as I pulled it out of the box to find the handlebars (and pole), seat (and pole), wheel, brakes, pedals and brake pads all needed assembly/adjusting. My first thought was to take a quick trip to the bike shop the next day and pay them to do my dirty work, but after reading the instructions (something I’ve only recently started doing in any circumstance), it seemed although I had limited experience with vehicle assembly, I could still do it myself. I was also buoyed by my desire to become James Bond, because let’s face it, 007 could knock up a bike (or possibly some other things) in a nanosecond.

So now the bike is next door, waiting for Miss M to fall asleep tonight so I can bring it over and leave it downstairs for her to find tomorrow, because we’re leaving so early on Christmas morning she won’t have time to play with it if we do it on the official Santa date. She also asked very politely if Santa would mind coming early, and since she’s assigned him extremely omnipotent qualities, I figure I should follow through. Let’s hope she doesn’t read this post, as the jig will totally be up …

This evening I’m going to try and recreate the most fantastic toasted sandwich I ate for breakfast yesterday, which came from Red Tongue in Fitzroy, #12 on the Turkish pide list. I’ve bought a melange of mushrooms, including oyster, which are only second to pine on my favorite funghi list. The only change I’m going to make is adding some sumac, my favorite spice of the year. Now Miss M is going to have a bath, and I’m going to make coffee and relax