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Logged on at 3pm ,interestingly the post re. the BP herbal remedy gone ? either the poster or netdoctor removed same. Thought it was a bit suss.

on Thursday, April 14th, 2011 at 1:51 pm and is filed under health.

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your right,i think its ok to post news about remedies, but as soon as you put in phone numbers and online discounts for new customers (as in the bp post) it comes under advertising and profiteering, something which aint allowed, no sir-ee, lol

Wow so it was only a hoax then)

I didnt even notice it gone wasnt it still there last night im sure it was , because i was looking to see did any one elce reply to it god you never know what is going to pop up on here lol.

You’re both right,it is ok to ask another poster what they use to treat conditions but to advertise for sale is another thing.The problem is a lot of so called

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