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The Bodybugg has revolutionized the way people are losing weight. The Bodybugg is a personal multi-sensor accelerometer device, that gives the wearer the most accurate measurement of calorie expenditure available outside of a clinical setting. The Bodybugg burst onto the scene in recent episodes of NBC’s The Biggest Loser and has been helping [...]

What is calorie expenditure? Simply put, it is the amount of energy your body is consuming during any given moment during the day. It does not matter if you are sleeping, running a marathon, or watching a movie your body is constantly burning calories. The only thing that changes is the amount. [...]

BodyBugg To Assist In A More Fit Lifestyle

Every year millions of American’s make their New Year’s Resolution to start exercising and to get their weight under control. Gyms all across America are filled with these well intentions souls each January, but as the days and weeks begin to pass the crowds begin to thin out. Many of these individuals get [...]

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