Parachute Coconut Oil Reviews

Parachute Coconut Oil Reviews


Coconut oils are becoming hugely popular due to their many effective and healthy properties. One of the biggest and probably most unusual advantages over other types of oils is their incredible versatility.

Coconut oils can be used to lose weight and greatly improve one’s health, and at the same time, due to the raw nature of the product, it can be used externally; in other words, using coconut oil to repair a person’s damaged hair or complexion issues is becoming a common thing. But, since one thing often leads to another, many people use the same packaging for both.

The Pros

Generally speaking, Parachute coconut oil has everything that a household product/food needs to have:

Parachute Pure Coconut Oil

• It’s highly nutritious – it’s coconut oil, and if it helps you lose weight by sitting around, it’s more than anyone bargained for;
• It has a wide range of applications – a number of which are stated in the previous paragraph;
• It’s relatively cheap – a 500 ml bottle will set you back just over $10;
• It has a lengthy expiration date – you don’t have to worry about it going bad after only a few days, which is the case with a number of different foods;
• It has a long history – coconut oil in general has been in constant use for thousands of years;
• Parachute coconut oil is available in a number of different package sizes, which enables convenience in all occasions and situations etc.

As aforementioned, Parachute coconutoil is primarily used as a skin moisturizer and hair repair product. In terms of this type of use, consumer feedback is incredibly positive; results that become visible after a relatively short period of time, combined with a long lasting effect, make the Parachute coconut oil a contender that can give the make-up & accessories industry a run for its money.

In addition to its features as a skin and hair care product, the medium chain triglycerides contained in coconut oil, which are characteristic to a very small circle of foods, are incredibly effective in helping people improve and maintain their health.

Parachute Coconut Oil is a product that helps people lower bad cholesterol levels in their blood and increase good cholesterol, in addition to lowering blood sugar levels. One of the most impressive features of the medium chain fatty acids (triglycerides) is that it helps the organism burn fat just by digesting and metabolizing the Parachute coconut oil.

In conclusion, either way you look at it, the Parachute coconut oil is well worth the money.

The Cons

The single largest negative feature of this product is the fact that it is sold in bottles made from plastic. Everyone knows how harmful the compounds found in plastic packaging can be, especially when it comes to liquid substances like water, juices and, among other products – oils.

Surely plastic has its advantages in terms of practicality, breakage, elasticity, imperviousness, transport etc., but nothing is ever good enough for the consumers. That’s precisely the reason why a glass jar would likely be a much better option for this product.

After all, if it’s this popular in a plastic bottle and at this price, it would be absolutely sensational in a container made from a more health-friendly material.


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