Prescription Plans

Prescription Plans

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Prescription plans are becoming increasingly popular as the costs of prescription drugs continue to increase. Also listed as RX cards on the internet these plans provide an option to choose brand names drugs or generic. These plans can help significantly with prescription drug expense.

With the soaring prices of prescription drugs, consumers are desperately searching for some relief from overwhelming drug prices. Prescription plans provide one solution to costly prescriptions. Plans and discounts vary dramatically.

Most plans provide consumers with a discount card to present when purchasing prescriptions. Typically, an annual fee is charged for the plan.

The number of prescription plans that are available are quite numerous and it is important that you carefully assess what discounts are offered, which drugs are covered and what fees the plan charges.

For the most part many of these plans are set up in what is called ''tier'' options or put simply levels. Depending on which level or ''tier'' your drug is considered, that is what your payment will be. The details of these vary from plan to plan so it is important to evaluate where your drug is placed. Many of the RX card providers make available on their website the ability to search for the drug desired to see where it is placed, and in addition the ability to search their pharmacy network.

Prescription Plans can provide a substantial savings on needed drugs if you do not have an insurance plan, or want to take prescription pills not covered by your current policy.

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