Someone convince me not to stop!  Tips For Healthy Hair

Someone convince me not to stop! Tips For Healthy Hair

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Someone convince me not to stop!

Really, for 7 months I see no results…none! I event think that it got worst…so should I still hope to see some improvement?

*I’ve been using finasteride for almost 8 months now…not sure for the first 6 months, could be some fake med. from India…so I switched 2 motnhs ago to using Proscar from local pharmacy.

*Minoxidil 5% – 6 months 2x a day and 2 motns 1x a day.

Maybe I’m one of those lucky ppl who don’t respond to this treatments or, as I heard, treatments like Finasteride actually kills my hair…

I feel like I’m loosing the battle, time and money…and mostly making my self less confident by focusing all the time on my hairloss…

Anyway here is the picture that I took this morning when I realized that I look like crap(that brownish thing in the middle is Revivogen):

What brand were you using before switching?

Do you have any before photo’s from same angle and same lighting?

You’re 8 months in now, why quit until you’ve at least given it a good year… it’s fair to say that if it hasn’t helped in a year it’s reasonable to assume you aren’t going to respond. Without a before pic though it’s incredibly hard to judge, the mind’s eye can often see whatever it wants.

Stick with it and evaluate in 4-6 months time. That

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