Apolo Ohno on John Schaeffer

Apolo Ohno on John Schaeffer

Apolo Ohno
Apolo Ohno

The Apolo Ohno and John Schaeffer Team

John Schaeffer is a highly recognized trainer in the world of professional and Olympic athletes. Watch and listen to what Apolo Ohno has to say about John and how he was able to take his Olympic career to a new level under John’s instruction and watchful eye.

Apolo Ohno talks about John Schaeffer:

Though Apolo received the glory, and rightly deserved, what happened behind the scenes is what Apolo incorporated into his training and lifestyle to achieve greater results. One of the things Apolo used to get a competitive edge was the use of holograms.

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John Schaeffer
John Schaeffer

As an interesting side note: John Schaeffer, among his countless credentials and achievements, is the only person to ever receive an Olympic ring for training.

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