Dog Dental Treats and Preventive Care

Dog Dental Treats and Preventive Care

Many owners believe dog dental treats are some of the best pet products they''ve ever found. They''ll satisfy your pooch''s urges to chew and craving for goodies, but the textures and ingredients of dental treats also give you a way to improve your dog''s oral and overall health.

Their specific benefits vary slightly from product to product, but as a general rule dental treats for dogs are designed to combat plaque and tartar buildup on the teeth while they''re massaging the dog''s gums. Some even have a minty flavor to freshen a dog''s breath.

You can even buy a dog dental solution or a specially made mouth spray for your pet, called a pet oral hygiene solution.

Dogs don''t have hands, so they can''t brush their teeth. And being dogs, they''re not inclined to watch what they eat. Those sorts of things are up to us as dog owners.

Preventive Treatment

Without your help, your dog could develop tooth decay or gum disease.

Either of these dental conditions can cause your dog to be in pain and lose its appetite. Ultimately, both conditions can also cause tooth loss and/or a systemic infection which can impact your dog''s overall health.

Fortunately, you can avoid this by giving your dog a little canine dental care.

Brushing your dog''s teeth and giving it dental treats are the two main ways you can help your dog have healthy teeth and gums.

Starting Young

You might not think good canine oral hygiene is all that important if you own a pup or a young adult. After all, the teeth and gums of nearly all young dogs are healthy - potential oral health problems really haven''t yet had enough time to develop.

However, paying attention to your dog''s dental health is important no matter how old it is. You wouldn''t tell your children not to brush their teeth until they were adults, would you?

Children who brush and floss their teeth from an early age are often able to prevent dental problems from cropping up - or at least reduce their frequency.

Well, it works the same way with puppies and young adult dogs. Caring for their teeth and gums while they''re still young can help avoid problems that might otherwise start surfacing as they mature.

And, if you start brushing your dog''s teeth while it''s young, it will get used to the process much more quickly than it would if you wait until it''s older and more "set in its ways."

Specific Products

Never use human toothpaste when you''re brushing your dog''s teeth - the formula is all wrong and could cause several problems. Instead, you''ll need to use toothpaste that has been specifically formulated for dogs.

Your dog will find dog toothpaste appealing because it will have a tasty beef or chicken flavor.

Brushing your dog''s teeth is easy once you get the hang of it. But, although brushing is a great way to prevent potential problems, it isn''t the only thing you can do.

You don''t need to brush your dog''s teeth every day - or even every week. Instead, you can give your dog dental treats to help avoid potential problems. In fact, combining the two methods is probably the best approach to dog dental care.

In other words, give your dog dental treats regularly, and brush its teeth every two or three weeks.

Enjoyable Care

Dogs love dental treats, so instead of giving your dog some other type of dog cookies or biscuits, you can even use dental treats for dogs as a training aid or a reward for good behavior. For example, you can use dog dental treats to assist you with crate training.

Many types and brands of dog dental treats are commercially available. For example, all-natural dog dental treats are edible and digestible.

They often feature interesting textures and shapes that can satisfy your dog''s urges to chew without exposing it to harmful artificial preservatives or other chemicals.

They''re also available in an assortment of sizes, from dental chews that would be appropriate for very small dogs like Chihuahuas up to and including treats that would satisfy even the largest Great Dane.

Talk about killing two birds with one stone: by giving your dog dental treats, you''ll be helping to keep its teeth and gums healthy, but you''ll also be giving your dog something it loves snacking on.

Your dog will love it whether you choose beef, chicken, bacon, filet mignon or one of the other flavors of dog dental treats, and its teeth and gum will be healthier!