Extend ReviewA soft, drooping erection can

Extend ReviewA soft, drooping erection can

Extend Review

A soft, drooping erection can be embarrassing and simply unpleasant for both you and your sexual partner. However, you don’t have a genie in a bottle to simply wish away all your sexual problems and frustrations and amp up your sex life. As a result you, like many men are suffering from the Sexual Dysfunction called ED (Erectile Dysfunction) and as a result, you may be disappointing both yourself and your sexual partner in the bedroom.

Instead of spending more nights in frustration try Extend the male enhancement supplement that claims to enhance your sexual desire and helps to rid you of sexual frustration. Let’s take a closer look and see if Extend has what it takes to help you take back your love life.

The All-Natural Formula

Instead of using a product with a bunch of ingredients that you can’t even pronounce without the help of a physicist, try an all-natural formula with vitamins, minerals and herbs known to produce results. Among the herbs found in Extend are:

Yohimbine: is a stimulant that works as an aphrodisiac and increases libido and has long been used as a standard treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED). However, according to studies, it often doesn’t work when taken orally.

Additionally, Tribulus Terrestris has been included because of its ability to help the body naturally produce testosterone. Increased testosterone increases sexual drive and helps to balance the body.

Another active ingredient is L-Arginine , a precursor of Nitric Oxide that works to increase blood circulation. When L-Arginine is present in healthy amounts in the body, a larger and more firm erection can be felt, which may result in a pleasurable and timely ejaculation.

Pros of Using Extend

There are a lot of promised benefits of using Extend. Manufacturers claim that you will have an increased sexual desire in addition to a harder and longer erection followed by a more pleasurable fulfillment.

Additionally, there have been no reports of side-effects when using this formula, however, this may be because of the lack of consumer reviews.

Cons of Using Extend

The retail price for one month of product is about $39.99 and does not come with any kind of money back guarantee. This means that if you purchase it, whether online or in store you will be doing so entirely at your own risk.

Furthermore, there are no consumer trials or research studies available for this product, even though the use of statistics in the data suggests otherwise.

Our Opinion

Of course, the product may still work even without the proof of clinical trials or research studies. As a result, we aren’t sure if this product is a good one to try out, but if you do decide to do so, we would remind you that you will be trying it at your own risk.

We would also highly recommend speaking to your doctor or health care professional before making any final decisions especially if you have any pre-existing medical conditions.

We firmly believe there are other products on the market that are able to produce the results you are looking for at a reasonable price and would recommend searching there before resorting to an unproven method such as Extend.

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