Four Ideal Sexual Positions That Result

Four Ideal Sexual Positions That Result

Four Ideal Sexual Positions That Result to Fast Pregnancy

Author: Ewelike chikaodi

For you to get pregnant fast the male sperm must be deposited very close to the female cervix. This depends on the life span of the male spermatozoa and the female egg because, ovulation starts immediately an egg is released from the ovary. A released egg naturally lasts for only 24 hours, while sperm can survive in the female body between 3-5 days. Therefore, the egg has to be very close to the sperm to fertilize before it dies off.

Though, most people believes that position has nothing to do with pregnancy occurring, but the truth is that you have to assume a position that will enhance the sperm meet the egg directly for immediate possible fertilization. Discard sexual positions that do not directly expose the cervix to the male sperm, avoid having sex while standing, sitting or with the woman on top. These are not ideal positions that results to fast pregnancy.

Take advantage of the following positions and see the amazing result.

1. The ancient style or the missionary position which is man on top: is the best rated best position for fast conception. This position allows the man to penetrate deeply into the woman making it very easy for the sperm to be deposited almost at the cervix.

2. The rear- entry or dog style is also good. In this system the man penetrates the woman from rear with whole length penis inside, thereby allowing the semen to be released closest to the cervix.

3. Raising the woman's hips by carefully placing a supportive pillow under her is usually very helpful. By so doing, the female cervix is widely exposed to gulp all the sperm deposited by the man.

4. Having sexual intercourse while lying side by side is also advisable because, this position gives a nice exposure of the female cervix to the male sperm for instant conception.

In conclusion, while these sexual positions can effectively help you to get pregnant fast if you adhere to it, you should also know that taking your woman to orgasm leads to contraction that could force the sperm right into the cervix which might result to fast pregnancy.

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