Having a baby and Smoking – Take care of Your Baby and Quit Smoking While Pregnant

Having a baby and Smoking – Take care of Your Baby and Quit Smoking While Pregnant

Peanut butter and jelly, bacon and eggs, macaroni and cheese; what are these samples of? The reply is items that go great together. Pregnancy and smoking? They unquestionably do not fit in that list. They’re just two things that should never, ever go with each other. If you are expecting and still smoking it is time to stop. Permit me to tell you why and how.

It is bad enough that cigarette smokers who are not with child continue to puff away even though they know smoking is harmful for their health, yet expecting mothers who still smoke cigarettes not only subject themselves to the perils of cigarette smoking. They also put their innocent little ones in danger. Just what dangers are we talking about here? They are numerous and can be be extremely severe. The most severe risks that being in pregnancy and smoking brings about to an unborn baby are:

Preterm Birth-Smoking can drastically increase the chance of your baby being born early, before they are fully developed.

Low birth-weight-Smoking may cause your child to be born at a low birth weight bringing about health issues.

Placenta damage-Smoking damages the placenta. Because the placenta is what supplies nutrients to the fetus, this placenta damage directly effects and harms your unborn baby.

As an expectant mother I am sure you have already made a nurturing relationship to the child developing inside you and you desire to safeguard them and make sure their safety. Stopping smoking cigarettes may be the single most essential thing you can do to keep your baby safe and ensure they are delivered healthy.

You can do it using the right kind of help. Don’t attempt to go it alone, your odds of successfully quitting smoking “cold turkey” are extremely low. You’ll need a stop smoking method that’s specifically made for pregnant women. Try to find one that is all natural. You need to avoid using drugs or nicotine replacement therapies (like the patch) as these can be bad for your baby. Additionally you have to have one that actually works quickly as time is critical. An excellent smoking cessation selection to quit smoking while pregnant is called Neuro Linguistic Programming, or NLP. It is a modern hypnotherapy method that has proven to be highly effective. The great news about NLP? All it requires of you is to listen to an audio recording. You do not even have to see a hypnotherapist. And it’s also all natural without any unwanted effects that can hurt the baby.

Pregnancy and smoking go together like cats and dogs. Actually choose to quit smoking while pregnant and obtain help. Select a smoking cessation method which is appropriate for an expecting mother. NLP definitely will do the job. You can protect your infant by quitting smoking today. Think about what a gift this pregnancy can be, not only will it bring a beautiful baby into your life, it may be the spring-board to a smoke-free existence.

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