Individual Health Insurance in Florida

Individual Health Insurance in Florida


For individual health insurance in Florida, FL Health and Life can provide personal health insurance that has many of the advantages that are usually only associated with group coverage. The individual health insurance plans and personal health insurance policies that we provide are all issued as ''Association'' plans and therefore our policy holders benefit from the Association purchasing power as well as getting many ''group'' benefits. All the health plans we provide, from major medical insurance plans to Hospital Indemnity Plans (HIPs), have Association membership and benefits.

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With the cost of healthcare becoming increasingly more expensive coupled with the current financial and economic conditions, many businesses have either withdrawn ''group'' healthcare benefits as an employee incentive and benefit. or simply just have never been able to afford to offer it. With some of the health care reforms becoming law on January 1st, 2011 most major medical providers have increased premiums (the alternative offer being an increase in the insurance deductible) in order to off-set the increase costs these reforms will have resulting in further unsustainable strains on many businesses'' finances. Consequently many more people are now looking for individual health insurance in Florida. FL Health and Life is able to provide affordable health insurance polices and can be tailored to meet an individual''s specific needs and requirements or to fit within their budget.

All Policies Are Guaranteed Renewable
Most individual health insurance policies in Florida are not guaranteed renewable. In other words, should you have had treatment for a serious or critical health condition the insurer can increase your premiums (and substantially) or simply not offer renewal. The policies we provide come with an ''Association'' membership with guaranteed renewability being one of the member benefits. Additionally, whilst on one of our plans, irrespective of prior years'' health issues you will never be singled out for premium increases in your existing health policy. For individual health insurance in Florida contact us for further details or to get a quote.

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