Liposuction And Tummy Tuck – Which One Should You Choose?

Liposuction And Tummy Tuck – Which One Should You Choose?

Before liposuction was introduced, unwanted abdominal fat can only be removed through two means: traditional diet and exercise, and the tummy tuck. Even up to this day the tummy tuck is still performed; though many people now prefer liposuction and its non-invasive alternatives.
How does the tummy tuck work?

Known as abdominoplasty, the tummy tuck is a surgical procedure that involves removing unwanted fat deposits through the use of liposuction and skin excision. As a result, you can get a flatter stomach along with a scar that extends from your anterior hips to your lower abdomen and pubic area. Excess skin and lax muscles are also removed during the process, giving you a tighter tummy. Usually accompanied by the relocation of the belly button this procedure requires the use of general anesthesia.
How does liposuction?

Liposuction, on the other hand, removes fat (only) that is found right under the skin and near your abdominal muscles. Localized anesthesia is administered over the target area. A small incision is then made. Fat deposits are removed through a tool called cannula attached to a small suction device called an aspirator. In most cases, before fat is sucked out, it’s broken down first through laser treatment, ultrasound waves, intense massage or water jet pulses.
What is the cost of liposuction and tummy tuck?

Liposuction and tummy tucks differ in many ways, including their price tags. On average, a tummy tuck costs twice as much as liposuction. The recovery time for a tummy tuck patient lasts 2 to 4 times longer than that of a liposuction patient. So if you’re deciding on getting a tummy tuck, be prepared to miss a lot of work days.
Which one is better, liposuction or tummy tuck?

Tummy tucks produce big scars which ruin the appearance of the lower abdomen and pubic areas. Also, a tummy tuck is more dangerous than liposuction and poses more surgical risks compared to liposuction.

If liposuction is better and safer, what advantages does a tummy tuck have to offer? Unlike liposuction though, tummy tucks can remove stretch marks. They can also produce flatter abdomens and more toned tummy skin.

For many patients, liposuction alone can solve all their fat-dissolving cosmetic needs. Less traumatic in nature, recovery from liposuction is very quick. Liposuction also has the advantage of being less expensive. Before you decide for yourself which liposuction tummy tuck procedure is right for you, consult your physician first.