Prosperity Consciousness - 5 Practical Tips For Inviting More Wealth Into Your L

Prosperity Consciousness - 5 Practical Tips For Inviting More Wealth Into Your L

We all want more wealth and prosperity in our lives, right? We all want to be financially free, right? The problem most people have is that they spend too much time in a place of lack and limitation instead of being focused on what they really want, which is prosperity and abundance. People are constantly worrying about what they don''t want, such as debt and bills and we all know that the law of attraction is going to give them more of that in return. In order to have more money flowing into our lives, we need to start focusing on just that - more money, prosperity abundance.

So how do we go from a mindset of lack and limitation to prosperity consciousness?

Fortunately, there are a few simple things we can do today that can assist us in doing that so here are some prosperity tips that if you apply in your life, you will begin to change the way you feel about money...

1. Always Valet Park - you deserve it and it really doesn''t cost that much extra, however so many people spend extra time and effort finding a parking space and sometimes one that is blocks away just do save a few bucks. In fact, sometimes people go out of their way to garage park and spend more than what it might cost to valet park and tip, simply because they dont feel they deserve to valet park. Thats nonsense you absolutely deserve it. Treat yourself right and ALWAYS Valet Park.

2. Have fresh flowers in the house - there is something to be said for continually having fresh flowers in the house. It makes for a pleasant environment and creates a wonderful feeling and a mood. You can also buy flowers for someone else, for no reason. Dont buy it for a birthday, or anniversary or any other reason that you might be expected simply buy them just because.

3. Carry a $100 bill in your wallet - the key to this is to never spend it. Just have that $100 bill in your wallet all the time. What happens is that every time you open your wallet whether it is to buy something or to show someone a picture of your family, you will see that $100 bill and simply put - it will make you feel good. It will make you feel prosperous, abundant, and it will definitely raise your vibration about money.

4. Leave bigger tips - if you go out to a restaurant and get great service, don''t just leave the typical 15%, but go ahead and up it to 25% or more. It will feel great to reward the person who is working hard to please you and it also creates a prosperity vibration, because what you give comes back to you tenfold.

5. Test drive something - so what kind of car do you want? Great - now find your nearest dealer and go test drive that car. Seriously. It will feel great to be in a prosperous space while driving that car. When you pull back into the lot go back up to the dealer and tell him you''ll be back to buy the car. And if you really want to get serious about it - give him a date!

You may be thinking that these things may seem too simple and are wondering if they really can change your mindset and have a profound impact on the amount of wealth and prosperity you are experiencing in your life and the answer is a resounding YES. Now that I have provided these tips for you, I challenge you to start applying them into your life today. Seriously. If you do, I guarantee you''ll start to feel different about money and when you raise your money vibration and get yourself into a prosperity consciousness, the more prosperity you will experience in your life.

Simply put, if you want more wealth and prosperity flowing into your life, you need to always be the person that has prosperity and abundance flowing into their life.