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At the pro-life rally this year, we will pray for a focus on love for all members of our human family. We are each created in God''s image, each with special gifts and unique roles and circumstances in which to use those gifts. God loves the abortionist as much as He loves the unborn child. If we find ourselves unable to love and forgive, let us be mindful that that is not God''s way.

This emphasis on love does not soften our stand that abortion is an abomination and a heinous crime against humanity. We will continue to rally, picket, write letters, make speeches, distribute educational materials, and work to change laws so that the unborn are once again protected in our nation. We will not stop speaking frankly about what it is that abortion does--the indisputable fact that it destroys innocent human life. We pray that these worthy actions of the pro-life movement be deeply rooted in Godly love.

Lack of love and excess of arrogant judgment toward fellow-humans promotes a spiritual vacuum that contributes to the drive for women getting abortions and for abortionists performing them. We want to counter that with an outpouring of love, especially for those in the various areas of our lives that we find most difficult to love. Nothing less will do; nothing less is likely to be effective in our battle to protect the lives of the unborn.

Our desire is to be consumed with this kind of love, and all things are possible with God. We hope you''ll join us 1/21/01 at the pro-life rally in humble, hopeful prayer for individual and collective achievement of this goal.

Annie Bukacek MD

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