Shaving Pubic Hair  Health and Fitness Blog -

Shaving Pubic Hair Health and Fitness Blog -

Shaving pubic hair is very common, perhaps more than we think. It isnt rocket science but the first thing is to be sure you want to. More than anything else it can get a bit complicated if you change your mind half way through. An unfinished shave will look just a bit out of place. The old adage that you must finish what you start is very appropriate here.Pubic Hair Shaving TipsThe next thing is to have on hand the tools you will need. Shaving is a simple process and millions do it every day, so finding the tools you need is very easy.You should get a pair of sharp scissors so you can trim down the hair, before the actual shave begins. This will make it much easier to shave, especially if you have trimmed the hair to a very short length.You will want to get a safety razor and this should be one designed for women. So dont fall into the trap of using a mans razor. You need some shaving cream, foam or gel. You will shave using warm water and will also need a small towel to wipe off the cut hair. Hair removal is a very large business because there is great demand. And when the demand is there the offer goes hand in hand. This means you can find products that have been designed for women, very easily. Once the shave is over anoint after shave cream; just make sure it is a feminine article you use.You can now proceed to shave and this can be in your shower or in your bathtub, whatever you are used to. At this stage you have trimmed your hair so the next thing is to soften it and this is done with warm water. Take a bit of time over this and enjoy the relaxing feeling. You will find it much easier to shave.The final tip is to take your time as there is no hurry and once you have finished wipe off the cut hair with the warm towel and apply the after shave ointment.Hair grows and this means that in a short time your pubic hair will grow again. This can cause itching so apply the ointment again and if needed repeat the shave. Each time it will be easier and faster.Pubic Shaving Tips

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