Take control of your health information online

Take control of your health information online

  • Write and organize your notes, your stories or your experience about health in a privacy preserving environment.
  • Keep track of your health information, use a virtual body to record where it hurts, what muscle was trained, or what treatment was done where.
  • Share notes with your family or your doctors, receive comments or advice and learn more about similar experiences from trusted friends.

Healthody is only available as an alpha release so you can''t sign up just yet.

However if you want to help out testing it please request a trial account by entering your email below, click "Request trial account" and we''ll email you an invite.

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You have a doctor appointment tomorrow and would like to describe your ailments precisely. Tell what happened and show where it hurts on the body. You can send your story to your doctor who will comment and will show which body part is affected if any.

No need to give your name, simply bring the page up or send the page by email. Only you and your doctor will know it’s about you.

You have just learned something about your body, about a disease or a treatment and would like to explain it to your family, your friends or everybody.

Describe it in your own words and illustrate your story with the virtual body. It can be personal or general purpose, for you only or for the world. Whatever you write, you’ll be able to reuse it and to share it privately or with everyone.

Create a page and edit text

Start writing your health-related pages straightaway. Format as you like, include images and link to content on the web.

Click body to add a marker

Browse the human anatomy, find relevant body parts and click to mark the locations you want to highlight.

Drag marker to text

Drag and drop the marker into your text to link your note with the body.

Private and only visible to you

Once your page is written, you can keep it private. No one will have access to your page but you. Healthody will not use it nor derive any content from it. The page stays for your eyes only.

Only for you and insiders

Share it with a secret link via email: only insiders having your secret link can see the page, for instance family members or a doctor.

When insiders click the link, they see your page but cannot know it is from you unless you make it explicit.

Public and visible to everyone

You can also share your page with everyone, for instance if your page contains general information about a disease or a treatment.

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