We are an organization that consits

We are an organization that consits

We are an organization that consits of 13 licensed doctors and 25 nutricionists. Lately, we''ve noticed how many companies out there are selling low-quality diet pills for exhorbitant prices. After trying almost all Weight Loss Products in the market and helping thousands of people to lose weight, we came to the conclusion that not all diet products are created equal.

Some barely had the desired effects on us (weight loss, increased energy, toxin cleanser) while others seemed to work wonders.

After months of testing and after trying all of the Weight Loss products on the market we have compiled a list of the best Weight Loss products currently on the market.

We proudly present you those 3 products that we think are really worth the money and will help you lose weight the natural, healthy and good way. All products that we reviewed offer a free trial, you can try them for free before buying.

This is without any doubt the best product we have tested so far. First of all, the average American person loses over 28lbs in around only 2 weeks using Acai Alive. Acai Alive was the first Weight Loss product that originally was featured on National TV (Oprah, Rachel Ray Show). Amazingly, our testers also experienced an energy boost after only two days of usage. Acai Alive is currently offering a Free 14-Day Trial (last time we checked that special offer was expiring on Mar 09, 2009, so make sure to get it while you can).
The Acai Berry is a well known and trusted product and has been in use by Brazilians for years. Acai clearly helps you lose weight: Every tester reported a noticeable drop in their appetite. That appetite loss, combined with the fat burning formula of Acai Alive, made most of our testers lose over 25lbs in only 2 months without any risk...!

  • Free trial available. Pay only $4.95 in shipping costs and get a free supply.
  • Our testers lost up to 38lbs, it clearly works.
  • Acai has been been found to be a highly antioxident food, making it healthy for your heart and preventing cancer.
  • Clearly increased energy levels.
  • Fatigue, bloating and gas clearly reduced.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee (expiring on Mar 09, 2009).

Instead taking advantage of a Brazilian "wonder-berry" like Acai does, Colon Cleanse takes a different approach. It promotes colon health by cleansing it from deadly toxins that buildup throughout the years. This way, Colon Cleanse relieves constipation and bloating by flushing out excess pounds as well. Even though it did not produce the same extraordinary results like the Acai Berry did, Colon Cleanse is still very recommendable and should be used in combination with Acai.

  • Free trial is also available.
  • Helps weight loss efforts
  • Fatigue, bloating and gas reduced after one week.
  • Promotes a healthy colon, decreasing the risk of colon cancer.
  • Industry Stamp of Approval!

The chinese have been using green tea for years to stay healthy and in shape. Unfortunately, this has stayed unnoticed by the western world. Although Wu-Yi tea has achieved some success when helping people lose weight, we don''t believe that it can really help people to lose of up to 50lbs in 3 months like they claim on their website. That is why we only ranked it third.

  • Free trial also available. Pay $5.95 for S&H, slightly higher costs than Colon Cleanse and Acai.
  • Slightly higher energy levels.

Visit Wu Yi Website...

More Information about Acai:

The Acai Berry has been recommended by many doctors since it''s a berry that also helps to prevent cancer because it contains a high rate of anti-oxidants.

Even though many doctors and public figures are recommending this "wonder-berry", we heard that there are companies out there selling low-quality acai berries for exhorbitant prices. Which ones can you really trust? The Acai Alive supplier has by far outraced all other competitors in the acai berry quality rates. It is cheaper than most other acai berry suppliers, costing only $4.95 and helped our testers lose more weight then any other Acai Berry products. We recommend you try Acai Alive if you really want to lose weight the fast, healthy and easy way...

There are many good reasons why the Acai berry has been featured on so many important media channels and shows. Our number one Acai Berry product, Acai Alive helps your body to stay clean, healthy and most importantly, lose weight easily and fast! Ever wondered how Adriana Lima and Gisele Bundchen stays in shape? Acai is the answer...
If you are really serious about losing weight the fast and natural way, we recommend you get a 14 day risk free trial of Acai Alive now!

Because Acai Alive will help you to get:

  • Fast weight loss
  • Higher energy levels
  • Younger-looking skin
  • Improved digestive systems
  • Easier mental focussing
  • Lower cholesterol levels

It was rated the best Weight Loss Product by our professional review team. It''s cheap, provides great quality, helps to lose weight and tastes great. The free Trial offer is expiring soon (on Mar 09, 2009). Get it while you still can!