What Makes a Good Health Website

What Makes a Good Health Website

Every year, many Web marketing organisations and medical groups hold a competition for the best site that offers health-related information. Being recognised by one of these reputable institutions is definitely an achievement, so if you are looking to bag an award, revamp your portal when necessary and make it the best in cyberspace. Here are the qualities the judges are looking for:

1. Design – This refers to the visual representation of your domain. Is it easy on the eyes? Are the texts, colours, and images appealing? Is the layout suitable for its intended users? Make these questions your guide to improving visuals of your site.

2. Usability – This pertains to how easy it is to utilise your website. Are all links functioning? Is it easy for the users to navigate from one page to another without getting lost in the maze of information and pages? Can people perform a task easily without having to call for user support?

3. Interactivity – This refers to the kind of activities that people can do on your site. Specifically, this means that your users are not only capable of browsing through your pages and reading its contents; your visitors should also be able to communicate with your team and other users. It should allow them to interact.

4. Technology – How innovative is your portal? What software do you use to improve user experience? Do you have a feature that allows viewers to explore the human anatomy through 3D representation? Do you have a tool that enables them to get a possible diagnosis of their health condition? These features can make your site extra useful and interesting to visitors.

5. Content – Is your health website rich on content, either in text, video, or audio? How reliable are the information presented? Are they not misleading? Are they produced by experts or professionals? The quality of the data you post online can have a big impact on the users'' browsing experience. It can also be a big factor in deciding whether to visit your portal again or not.

Meet all these qualities and you are sure to have your site recognised by award-giving organisation, if not, by the Internet audience themselves.

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