What is Dermitage

What is Dermitage

Dermitage is a line of skin care products including a topical anti-aging cream that is meant to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines on user's skin. It contains an ingredient complex called Rejuvaline, which is explained below. Dermitage offers many different products including treatments just for dark circles around the eyes, cellulite, and wrinkles. In this article, we will just be taking a look at the anti-wrinkle treatments by Dermitage.

How does Dermitage work?

For a quick fix, Dermitage provides the instant lifting crème. According to the website, this product works through a technology called lifting spheres. When the cream is applied to your face, the spheres migrate beneath your wrinkles and hold in the moisture that is usually being lost. Then the spheres swell up from the moisture they have absorbed and smooth out the lines and wrinkles on your skin. This product also contains hyaluronic acid, which is an ingredient in many anti-aging treatments and is meant to moisturize skin. Lastly, the instant lifting crème has antioxidants like white tea, green tea and grape seed oil that promise to protect skin against free radicals.

While the instant lifting crème is designed to give you instant gratification and make your skin look better right away, the skin renewal complex will offer long term, permanent results. It is meant to stimulate the production of collagen. If you have read any other articles on this site, you know that the depletion of collagen in the skin is one of the biggest contributors to the development of wrinkles. The skin renewal complex contains a glucosamine complex, which keeps skin hydrated. Dryness in the skin is also a factor that creates wrinkles and lines. Next, the aloe vera in the skin renewal complex helps to calm skin by reducing swelling, inflammation and redness. Similar to the instant lifting crème, the skin renewal complex also contains white tea, green tea and grape seed to offer antioxidant action and fight free radicals.

Another product in Dermitage's wrinkle treatment lineup is the anti-aging foaming cleanser. The website does not give a lot of information about this product, except to say that it has anti-aging ingredients that will make your skin look more youthful. It also contains some botanicals like algae and aloe vera to moisturize skin and make it soft. The anti-aging foaming cleanser promises not to over dry your skin as it cleanses.

Dermitage calls their anti-wrinkle technology Rejuvaline. I am confused about this term and what it actually means, but from the website I have gathered that it encompasses the anti-wrinkle treatments that are contained in the full line of Dermitage products. The instant lifting crème has lifting spheres and botanicals and the skin renewal complex contains glucosamine complex and botanicals. In the section that explains Rejuvaline, the website also mentions Inflacin and QuSomes which are two ingredients that I did not see mentioned in any of the other products. Thus, my confusion about Rejuvaline continues.

How do I use Dermitage?

Dermitage recommends that you use all three products together for the best results. First, cleanse your face with the anti-aging foaming cleanser just as you would with any other cleanser. Then, apply the instant lifting crème. You only need one or two pumps on the product on your fingers to cover the skin of your face and neck. Massage the product into your skin with upward motions so that you don't encourage the skin to sag downward. Next, massage the skin renewal complex into your skin with the same motion. This regimen is meant to be followed twice daily for the most wrinkle improvement.

My Likes

The skin renewal complex costs $50 for one fluid ounce. I have seen many similar products that cost in the $80 neighborhood for the same amount of cream. The instant lifting crème also costs $50 for one fluid ounce, which definitely falls into the lower range of anti-wrinkle products.

I like that Dermitage has created two products for two skin care issues. They offer the instant lifting crème for an immediate improvement in the skin and the skin renewal complex for a slower but more permanent treatment. Many skin care lines have either the instant gratification product or the long-term treatment. It is great that Dermitage has noticed that it is important to have products for both objectives.

My Dislikes

Even though I do like that these products are priced on the lower end of the wrinkle treatment spectrum, they are marketed to be purchased together. By the time you buy the skin renewal complex, instant lifting crème and anti-aging foaming cleanser you are looking at $140 and shipping costs on top of that.

I am doubtful about the necessity of purchasing the anti-aging foaming cleanser. The website gives an underwhelming description of how it works and why you need to use this particular cleanser rather than any less expensive, simple cleanser. Dermitage does claim that this cleanser is specially formulated to work with the instant lifting crème and the skin renewal complex. However, almost every line of skin care and cosmetic products encourages you to buy everything from their brand by telling you that their products are specially designed to work together. Often, this is just a marketing ploy. I am not impressed with the anti-aging foaming cleanser and I'm betting that you could get results that are just as good by using a much less expensive cleanser along with the instant lifting crème and the skin renewal complex.

There is information all over the website about a free trial of the Dermitage products, however the is an asterisk between the words “free” and “trial”. This made me suspicious when I saw it, and then I found an entry on the Rip Off Report website where some poor woman had ordered the free trial and then found that $70 had been charged to her bank account. Something is fishy with the free trial, so if you are going to try Dermitage, it may be best to just order the product and skip the tempting offer of a free trial.

My Conclusion

I like the instant lifting crème and the skin renewal complex, but I am not impressed by the foaming cleanser. It looks to me like you could save some major cash by using an inexpensive, gentle cleanser along with the other two anti-wrinkle products. These two treatments offer both instant gratification and long term results, which is what most people look for in a wrinkle cream. I do mistrust Dermitage a bit, just because of the sketchy “free trial” business on their website. Personally, I still like Athena 7 Minute Lift and LifeCell the best. The Athena 7 Minute Lift offers quick results to help you look your best right away. Life Cell gives you results over time to permanently reverse the signs of aging. The Dermitage line is one way to achieve these objectives, but I prefer the combination of Athena and LifeCell.