You Snooze You Lose….  Living Well iHealth

You Snooze You Lose…. Living Well iHealth

by admin Apr 14, 2015 Active Recovery, Fat-loss

Did you know that getting less than 8 hours of sleep could add to your waistline over a course of a year? Over 10 years lack of sleep can increase your chances of being obese by 30 percent. In a study done by Harvard, people who got less than 7 hours sleep gained 30 pounds over the 16-year study period. (

1) Less sleep leads to Hormonal imbalances like increased cortisol use, which leads to higher belly fat and increased insulin secretion. Too much insulin leads to increased muscle breakdown and increased body fat production. (

Less sleep leads to hormonal imbalances that increase your waistline over the years.

2) Decreased Leptin production was linked to sleep loss. Leptin is the hormone responsible for telling your body there is low fat reserves and triggers hunger pains. Causing you to eat more the following day and crave sugar and carbs.

Athletes who sleep on average less than 8 hours per night have 1.7xs greater risk of being injured than those who sleep greater than 8 hours.

3) Less than 8 hours sleep has been linked to increased chance of injury too. ( Adolescent athletes who slept 8 hours or more had a 68% less chance of injury. Sub-par performance in your workouts leads to less work done. Which in turn leads to a decreased body response to the work stimulus.

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