combinatorial chemistry - chemistry combinatorial discovery drug

combinatorial chemistry - chemistry combinatorial discovery drug

www.cerep.frCerep provides services in pharmacology, biology, and chemistrywww.discoverypartners.comDrug Discovery: Combinatorial Chemistry & Biology Services...www.polymerlabs.comPolymer Laboratories'' Company Websitewww.wyeth.comWyeth: Research & Development: Global Research Allianceswww.mixturesciences.comMixture Sciences, Inc.www.mdli.comElsevier MDL Homewww.drugdiscoveryonline.comDrug Discovery Online: Digital Marketplace for the drug...www.alantos.comAlantos Pharmaceuticals AG

Cerep provides services in pharmacology, biology, and chemistrywww.cerep.frCerep provides services in pharmacology, in molecular biology and lead development, in toxicology, metabolism and bio-availability, in combinatorial and computational chemistry, HTS, HTP, HTLD.

Drug Discovery: Combinatorial Chemistry & Biology Services...www.discoverypartners.comDrug Discovery services from Discovery Partners, Inc. provide lead discovery, design, synthesis, and screening to identify optimum new drug candidates. Integrated biology services, combinatorial chemistry services, compound storage, management, and library development offer leading edge research development for new drug identification. Using state of the art technology for compound screening, storage, and data analysis, our three integrated drug discovery units have made Discovery Partners (NASQ: DPII) the industry''s preferred partner for drug discovery research and lead generation.

Polymer Laboratories'' Company Websitewww.polymerlabs.comPolymer Laboratories manufactures GPC / SEC & HPLC instrumentation, GPC / SEC & multi detector software, GPC / SEC & HPLC consumables, resins for drug discovery, medicinal / combinatorial chemistry & peptide synthesis and clinical & diagnostic particles for pharma applications. We operate in the USA, UK, Germany, Benelux and France and are supported by a technical worldwide distributor network.

Wyeth: Research & Development: Global Research Allianceswww.wyeth.comAt Wyeth, we have forged strategic alliances with companies on the cutting edge of technology and innovation. Through our relationships with these companies, we are able to participate in combinatorial chemistry, high throughput robotic screening of compounds, in-licensing of important new products, and genomics initiatives

Mixture Sciences, Inc.www.mixturesciences.comMixture Sciences, Inc., a privately-held biotechnology company, specializes in biomedical research and drug discovery.

Elsevier MDL Homewww.mdli.comMDL is the pioneering leader in discovery informatics for the life sciences and chemistry. We provide software, content, and services.

Drug Discovery Online: Digital Marketplace for the drug...www.drugdiscoveryonline.comResource for professionals in the drug development industry- Information on drug discovery and early-stage drug development, discovery technology and more

Alantos Pharmaceuticals AGwww.alantos.comAlantos Pharmaceuticals is a biopharmaceutical company which applies a unique and exclusive drug discovery technology - Target Amplified Drug Candidate Evolution (TACE)

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