10 Tips On Dealing With And Preventing Headaches – For Those Suffering w Painful Headaches

10 Tips On Dealing With And Preventing Headaches – For Those Suffering w Painful Headaches

Why Am I Getting These Headaches?

Sometimes we’re left wondering how we managed to get a headache. Our day has been productive and free of stress or noise pollution. What, then, is the problem? A pounding head is not always blossomed from a blasting stereo or a stressful day at work. This article was written to help suggest and identify certain activities which may be causing headaches. Learn how a simple change in your agenda can stop headache pain in its tracks. I’m sure you’ll agree that preventing a headache is a better option than trying to trudge through the day with its interfering pain hampering your every move.

Headache Sufferer? Fight Back With 10 Headache Prevention Strategies

Have you ever told the kids to stop giving you a headache? Sometimes they make your head hurt because of all that noise they muster. Has working on your budget made your head feel like it was caving in? Balancing the household bills and finances can be very stressful at times. However, did you know there are several things that can put us into headache mode, things that we can do something about? There’s more to a headache than stress or noise. If you want to learn 10 pointers for preventing mind numbing headaches, this is for you.

Non Allergic Food Reactions
Even if you aren’t allergic to any foods, there are foods that can trigger headaches. You can educate yourself with a little label know how to see those hidden headache culprits. MSG, mono sodium glutamate is a common meat tenderizer used in restaurants and canned meats. Yes, it can trigger a mild to severe headache. It should be avoided especially by those prone to migraines. Other more obvious foods to avoid include caffeine, dairy, nuts, cured fruit or meat, alcohol, and Equal® (aspartame).

Body Chemicals
The body changes back and forth for women because of their monthly cycle. Any time there’s a chemical change or imbalance in the body, there is cause for stress which can deliver a not so nice headache to go along with the other unpleasantries at this time of the month. Starting or suddenly stopping medications may cause an abrupt change in chemicals, make sure you follow your doctor’s advice with all medication he writes for you.

No Pain No Gain
Not so true. Too much physical activity can give you pain alright, but not where you were hoping. All that blood pumping and forcing its way through your veins can give you a headache like there’s no tomorrow.

Prescribed Meds
Some medications that the doctor prescribes for keeping our health in check can actually make us feel sicker. That’s right, sick in the head as in an awful headache. Talk to your doctor about dosing changes or perhaps a change in medication to help avoid that nasty headache. Make sure the doctor knows about any other medicine you are taking – even if it is only a simple antacid.

Catching Your Zzz
Have you ever slept a little extra time and felt terrible for the effort? Too much sleep and lying in the bed can make your head feel painfully split-open. Just the opposite of that, too little sleep can induce you into headache mode on and off for the entire day.

Too Much Light
Not saying you have light sensitivity, however, bright light can do a number on the eyes. Before you know it you will be suffering from a headache that could have been easily avoided if you would have taken a few cautionary steps. Remember your sunglasses. If you are bothered by the lighting at work, then say something, don’t suffer with a headache just because you are afraid to speak up. I’ve seen one school principal’s office have college flags draped under the fluorescent lighting for the sole purpose of blocking the glare of lights in their work area.

Don’t Wait All Day To Eat
We previously covered some foods that could trigger headaches, but here’s another important food notion. Don’t skip your meals. I know you’ve done it, I’ve done it – putting off meal time for just a little longer won’t matter, right? Well, if you like headaches, then go ahead and starve yourself for a few more hours. You probably should try to eat a little something every four to six hours during the day (when you’re awake).

Hydration For The Brain And Veins
Getting enough to drink is essential to our body’s health. After all, we are made up mostly of water, minus the heart and soul. Being dehydrated can cause a shebang headache starting around the eyeballs. If you’ve ever been on a diuretic (water pill), you may already know this headache type. For those who’ve never been down that road, It sort of hurts to blink the eyes – and the pain seizes the eye sockets. It almost feels like you have sun dried raisins instead of normal peepers. Avoid this by keeping your body well hydrated. Even if you don’t feel thirsty, sometimes it’s a good idea to have a nice fresh glass of water.

Everything Too Loud
When I say loud, I’m not talking about Magnum PI’s Hawaiian shirt. Loud noise can be a quick trigger for headache pains. What I’ve experienced most of the time is if I have a problem with noise it is because I am already suffering from a mild headache and the loud sounds push me on over the brink to severe headache suffering. Noise sensitivity is especially harsh on night-time headaches. Things are quiet in the evenings, this makes unexpected bumps in the night seem exaggerated, as if the mild headache has been hit with a not-so-mild hammer.

Tension And Anxiety
Working our minds in overtime can trigger a headache. We get ourselves worked up while we are trying to solve problems and it seems like we run out of brain power. If we try to push ourselves even further it starts to trigger a headache. Meeting deadlines and coming up with solutions can be so overwhelming at times that we must take a time-out and let our head get back into shape. There’s no sense in trying to carry on when you reach the frustration point as it will probably result in mistakes which will cause even more headaches when you have to redo the task. Give your mind a rest and avoid the pain and mistakes.

Okay, that wraps up the headache tips for now. Certainly we won’t be able to always avoid headaches, so the thing to do is always have an over-the-counter (OTC) headache remedy in your medicine cabinet or backpack/purse. The most common OTC headache remedies on the market today are aspirin, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and naproxen. There are several prescription remedies available for headaches, you will need to discuss a treatment plan with your doctor and find out what best suits your particular condition.