Easy Healthy Meals Ideas

Easy Healthy Meals Ideas

My own mom has always made it a point to make easy healthy meals for us when we were growing up, although she kept a pretty tight schedule. However, once we all loved out and she and my dad were left, she actually found it harder to make easy healthy meals for just two persons. I actually had the same experience; living alone, it seemed so complicated to prepare easy healthy meals for just myself.

Over the years though, my mom and I have come up with ways to make easy healthy meals for two. (I cook two portions so I can brownbag the other one for lunch, no vending machine for me.) If you would like to learn some of our easy healthy meals recipes using a pack of chicken breast, read this post.

If you go to the supermarket, then you would know that chicken breasts are typically sold by fours. I always buy one on weekends and prepare it in four ways to save some time during the workweek. The first piece of chicken breast is seasoned with some salt, pepper and lemon, then grilled. I cut it into small pieces and pack it in the fridge for use with Chicken Caesar salad. By the way, I also make my own croutons using whole wheat bread, since it''s no bother anyway. I get more fiber and homemade croutons are much less expensive.

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The second piece of chicken, I allow to simmer in a pan over a low fire with a small jar of tomato sauce. I let most of the tomato sauce thicken until it becomes just a paste, being careful to keep stirring to avoid burning it. Once it cools down, I shred it thinly so I can use it for tacos, wraps, or burritos. This is much healthier than using ground pork.

For the third chicken breast, I cook it in some chicken stock until very tender. I set the broth aside, let the chicken cool, then slice it into cubes. Putting it back in the chicken stock, I add some evaporated milk and butter and cream. If it needs thickening, I add a teaspoon of corn starch and start stirring like mad. Once the mixture has turned creamy, I throw in some parmesan and pour over some cooked penne.

As for the last piece of chicken breast, it mostly depends on what I''m in the mood for. If I have been eating right the whole week, I may indulge myself in a piece of fried chicken with some low-fat ranch dressing. Or I just dry-rub it with some herbs, salt and pepper, wrap it in foil then throw in the oven for an hour to make a tasty roast this makes a great easy healthy meals.