HSUSA Products e-News, August 16, 2009

HSUSA Products e-News, August 16, 2009

Featured Health Product:

Max-Pain Specialist
Powerful, yet Gentle, Pain Relief

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The unique formula may help with the relief of inflammation and pain from your body.

This concentration of Traditional Chinese Medicine Extracts was formulated after a monumental amount of laboratory work. Each of 4605 extracts of natural plants were patiently evaluated against Morphine ( the "Gold Standard" ) for pain relief and anti inflammatory activities. Then the best analgesic extracts were chosen - those reaching 60% analgesic of morphine. The extracts are processed using the "Medicinal Teapot" technology.

This is the most fundamental and natural component of our cartilage, tendons, bone, ligament, nails, hair, etc. There are multiple clinical studies and published reports proving its value in reducing symptoms and rebuilding the damaged cartilage of your joints.

This is critical sulfur required for proper repair of injured cartilage, ligaments and tendons. Although naturally present in our food like vegetables, fruits, fish and meats, it is not available at sufficient quantities for our joint needs.

is one of the oldest anti-inflammatory and pain relievers known to mankind. Using a special concentrated extract of gingerol (the active ingredient) is proven very effective at relieving arthritis pain.

Research performed on quantitative analysis by Xingjian Medical School, clearly shows that contents of Resveratrol are much higher on vinery grape skin, followed by fresh grape skin and last in Resveratrol content in grape seeds. Resveratrol is particularly able to neutralize the destructive COX-2 enzyme that causes inflammation and pain of the joint and muscle.

This very rare ingredient and even more usefull as the "ultimate weapon" against inflammation. Quercetin is the champion of anti-inflammation reported by Dr. Morikawa from Sagami Women''s University in Japan.

This ancient Ayuverdic herb of Frankincense has been used as an anti inflammatory for a thousand years. Boswellia acid - the active ingredient - has been found to block the destructive leukotrienes enzymes which trigger painful inflammation.

One of the finest anti inflammatory herbs in natures arsenal. Very special because of its unique ability to inhibit and neutralize both destructive enzyme the 5-LO from Leukotrienes as well as COX 2 who are the main culprits in the fire of inflammation and pain.

Centuries old, this natural remedy provides pain relief for all conditions. It is the grandfather of all analgesics and pain pills with a number of strong clinical and proven efficacies as reported by Dr. Chrubasik in his research on Pain Management published in German Wein Med 2002.

In summary, bad enzymes causing inflammation and pain are COX 2 and Leukotrienes (5 LO). Good enzymes COX 1 protects your stomach from ulcers and normalize body balance functions. HSUSA''s Max-Pain may help in,

  • Pinpoint & eliminate destructive causes of joint pain
  • Restore joint flexibility
  • Reduce your dependence on dangerous pharmaceutical drugs
  • Relief from pain & inflammation
  • Slow the wear on your joints
  • Start Enjoying Life Again!

Take 1 capsule three times daily as needed. For additional pain control, take 2 capsules. The improvements will reach the best potential after taking for 1 or 2 months.

Packaging: 90 capsules per bottle.