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If you’ve been around the health coaching block for a while, you’ll know that one of the most talked about things for growing your exposure is creating a free offer for your website. You probably have even seen or heard health coaches who provide business support talk about this. Maybe you’ve even downloaded or purchased some content to use for your free offer or free gift yourself.

So you might be wondering “What is a free offer or a free gift?”

Give Your Potential Clients A Taste Test Of Your Services With A Free Offer  Gift via asenat29  Flickr Creative Commons

A free offer (also known as a free gift) is your opportunity to share with someone new to your website a free piece of information or content that will allow the person to get to know a little bit about who you are, what your services are like and what your business is all about.

In essence, a free offer is your opportunity to give visitors to your website a “taste test” for what you have to offer and find out a little bit about you before making any big commitment to working with you. You want to use your free offer as an expression of your brand, which means that although it can be any old thing – what you want to do is find out what it is that your potential clients really want to learn about and give them a small taste of what it would like to get that solution from YOU.

Your free offer can be a million things, but really it needs to come down to who you are serving with your health coaching business to determine what your free offer should be. For example, you wouldn’t want to give a free offer of a 47 Chicken Recipe eBook if your target market is the raw and vegan crowd.

Determining your free offer is simple: brainstorm a few of the main topics that come up in your coaching sessions then plan a way to provide a high-level solution to your potential clients.

Here are just a few popular and effective free offers health coaches implement on their websites:

  • Recipe collection
  • Short e-course (through email autoresponders)
  • Informative eBook
  • Audio recording of a class or other valuable information
  • Fun quiz with results
  • Video recording

Again, remember to make sure whatever you choose fits with your target market and helps provide a solution to a problem they might not even be aware of. Create a free offer as something that your potential clients can use immediately and see quick results as a response to putting your action steps into place.

If you need any help getting your free offer integrated into your website, check out our Launch Your Free Offer Package. And be sure to get our free gift on the right-hand sidebar or at the top of this page!

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