Healthy Kid's

Healthy Kid's

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A sound mind, coupled with a body capable of performing at the highest possible physical level. These are the cornerstones which ensure the development of high-functioning, well-adapted, happy children.

At The Healthy Body Clinic, no two children are ever treated in exactly the same manner.

Personalized holistic health programs are developed to comprehensively address each child or teen''s individual needs.

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"My daughter was exhibiting social anxiety which would lead to panic attacks, nausea, body aches and depression. With treatment, her anxiety is much more controlled and her confidence has increased. She is much more socially engaged."

"My primary reason for seeking treatment was for facial acne. It was located mainly around my chin in small, tightly clustered red bumps. After three sessions of treatment my acne has almost completely cleared, so much so that I no longer consider this a problem."

"My eight year old daughter was prone to deveolping severe athlete''s foot. The skin would break, peel, crack and bleed. The improvement after her second visit was dramatic - almost a 100% resolution to her skin problem. No significant cracks remain, not is there bleeding."

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Commonly treated teen and kid''s health concerns include, but are not limited to, the following:

acne ADD/ADHD allergies anxiety asthma autism back neck & knee pain behavioral challenges depression digestive complaints eczema eye ear nose & throat compaints headache migraine sleep problems social integration violent behavior weight loss

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