Healthy Recipes for Weight Loss, Diary -4:

Healthy Recipes for Weight Loss, Diary -4:

What I actually do, not most of the times but often, is to look at what I have in the refrigerator and on the plate with fruits, then I decide what kind of shake I am going to make.

Diary 4 healthy recipes for weight loss

Today there was a mango that actually should have been used some days ago, and the same goes for ½ a broccoli. Then there were some apples, lots of spinach leaves, carrots, one very ripe banana, and some celery. Oh yes, also some watermelons.

We have had carrot-apple-ginger juice for some days, as well as watermelon juice. Both these juices are so great when it is warm, and is has been some beautiful summer days. Blue sky, not a cloud in sight, just a slight wind and a heat that makes everybody go to lay or play in the parks.

Now the weather has changed, it is windy, cold and wet, so I thought a good, rich shake would be appropriate

So what I used for the healthy recipe today was:

3 apples (organic as always, if possible)
1 mango
A handful of spinach leaves
A residual of broccoli
Maybe 1 dl of cold water

diary 4-3 healthy recipes for weight loss

First I juiced the apples and the broccoli, then I poured the juice into the blender and blended with the spinach and the peeled mango.
This resulted in a very thick shake, so I also used a little water to make it drinkable. Blended again.

All this resulted in a surprisingly good and tasty shake, and a little more than two big glasses. Really nice. And so healthy.

Actually I like spinach very much, so it is not as if we don’t get enough. I often take some frozen spinach leaves, a little oil, garlic, fry that together with a little salt, and this goes so well with almost any meat or vegetarian food.

But back to the shake: There was a tiny problem, because the mango I used was so ripe, that after peeling it, it was difficult to cut, and it made some small things like fruit hair in the shake. It was not a big problem, and we both enjoyed the shake, but I learned that with such a ripe mango it will be better to juice that as wall.

With that said, this is certainly a recipe we are going to use again, I loved it.

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