Male Infertility Treatment and Male Infertility Causes

Male Infertility Treatment and Male Infertility Causes

Article by Maggie Tan

Male infertility treatment is not often discuss, however infertility in men is in fact more common than we presume. Similar to female infertility, male infertility causes can be architectural or functional.

Structural Male Infertility Causes

Architectural male infertility occurs when there is a congestion in the tube from the testicles to the urethra. Another form of structural infertility in men is when there is a varicocele i.e. swelling of veins around the testes. This excessive amount of blood flow creates too much heat that kills off the sperm. The remedy usually involves high risk surgical procedure. Luckily, these are uncommon male infertility causes.

Functional Male Infertility Causes

Functional male infertility causes can be attributed to

- Genetic causes and are typical in men with reduced or no sperms- Hormonal disorders- Low sperm count- Poor motility- No sperm- Very low semen production

In these cases, the sperm either lack the complete gene to fertilize the ovum or is not able to make it through the passage through the cervix to fertilize the eggs e.g. because of a insufficient conducive surroundings because of low semen development.

One of the most widespread causes of male infertility is low sperm count and weak sperm motility.

So, what are the options for male infertility treatment?

Fertility medications such androgens (mesterolone), FSH injections, kallikrein, testolactone, clomiphene, steroids, and antioxidants (vitamins E and C) are increasingly being used to enhance sperm creation. Nevertheless, probably none of these had been found to be considerably beneficial in male infertility treatment.

The most effective male infertility treatment in such cases had in fact been seen in Traditional Chinese Medicine in combination with nutritional and life-style adjustments, including the consumption of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, as well as quitting any kind of substance abuse.

Traditional Chinese Medicine had demonstrated that they are extremely effective in the treatment of unidentified reasons for male infertility. The principle of Traditional Chinese Medicine in male infertility treatment works on conditioning the body for fertility, so the positive effect of the therapy will be obvious primarily after about three months, which is the time it takes for a sperm to fully develop. Nevertheless, the general improvement to a person’s wellness can be felt just after a few appointment using Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In cases where the above mentioned male infertility treatments are not successful, artificial insemination or donor insemination may be recommended. These will involve IUI treatment or IVF treatment.

IUI treatment is the process where the sperm is specially collected and prepared so that better concentrations of the extremely motile sperms are picked and inserted through the cervix at about the time of ovulation. IUI can be used in combination with the use of certain medicines to encourage the ovaries to create larger numbers of eggs, which further enhances the likelihood of getting pregnant. This is a widely used infertility therapy in cases where low sperm count or quality is the primary reason behind male infertility.

IVF therapy used only if IUI has failed or if there is also female infertility issues. In some cases ICSI is done as part of the IVF treatment. ICSI involves inserting a single sperm into an ovum. Although sperm hasn’t appear at the time of ejaculation, medical professionals may be able to take sperm directly from testes, or from the bladder (in cases of retrograde ejaculation), and utilise that sperm to fertilize an egg in the lab.

However, IVF is an extremely dear therapy and involve some risk to the woman, so several couples may opt to use donor sperm for IUI.

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