Mental Health Counselor Job Description

Mental Health Counselor Job Description

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Although there are many important aspects of a Mental Health Counselor one of the most important jobs of the Mental Health Counselor is to make sure their clients are being taken care and feel comfortable with them as their counselor. The patients are not always aware of all of what is going on around them so it is important to establish a good relationship with the family members of the patient as well.

There are some key factors in becoming a Mental Health Counselor including a discussion with the patient about their future. This will be something that may take place anytime during the sessions but will typically take place at the end of the sessions.

Next has to do with the medication that the patient is currently taking. The counselor will want to verify and record what type of medicine they are taking, if it is working, how often they take it and is this the correct prescription for them.

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During this process the counselor will need to keep in contact with the family members to make certain everything is working properly at home with the medication, moods and if their is any other issues that may be occurring that they will need to know about. In the beginning the counselor will want to sit down with the family and get their views on what is going on with their loved one and see how it affects them as well. This will also need to take place if the court system is involved along with any other interested parties that may include the police department, parole officers, hospital or the patients place of employment.

The Mental Health Counselor will also be attending courses and seminars to keep up to date on what is going on with their changing professions along with new ways and techniques to help them in their job.

If you are in a place of employment that employs other mental health counselors also you may someday become a supervisor over other counselors, social service staff, and assistants.

There are many opportunities in the world for you today as a Mental Health Counselor.

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