Michigan Dental Plan

Michigan Dental Plan

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Ameriplan USA® Dental Plan

Availability: Nationwide
Dentists: 25,000
Monthly Membership Fee
Family: $19.95 per month
Annual Membership Fee
Family: $239.40 per year

Since 1992, Ameriplan USA® has been committed to building a quality network for all your dental care needs. We currently have more than 25,000 dentists and locations nationwide, and we add more every day. If you are looking for high-quality dentists and real savings, the AmeriPlan Dental Plan is the right choice!

And, because this is not insurance, there are no deductibles, no claim forms, and no annual limits to the benefits you can receive. Simply present the identification card and receive immediate savings at the time of service.

Plus, get 3 additional benefits added to your program for FREE!

Provider Search: After entering your location, a list of participating dentists within range of you will be displayed along with their dental service fee schedule and contact information. (For your convenience - search results will open in a new window)

A group dental plan costs less per person than individual plans, the coverage offered by both types is about the same, and a group plan can cost a small business next to nothing (as little as $15 per person per month) to offer.

So what’s the catch? Aside from the obvious and unavoidable disadvantage that group dental insurance cannot be tailored to every individual in your organization, it is also unlikely to provide as much coverage for certain procedures.

For example, a group plan will typically cover a lower percentage of the cost of orthodontic treatment, or not cover it at all. If your employer offers a group dental plan you should read the plan''s details carefully to decide if you want to opt out.

For instance, if you’re planning on getting braces and your group policy doesn’t cover them, then you need to find either supplemental coverage or a way to supplement your current coverage in order to make braces affordable. Many employers allow an employee to enroll in his or her own dental insurance and will then reimburse the employee whatever the company would pay for inclusion in the group policy, so you can potentially have your own policy and still have it be at least partially covered by

If your employer’s group dental plan is insufficient for your needs, you should consider these ways and others to plug in the missing coverage gaps.

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