Myopia And Laser You Require Knowing

Myopia And Laser You Require Knowing

myopia and laser Myopia And Laser You Require Knowing

Cure myopia with laser is possible and optimal merely in our country each year are performed at minimum 150 000 such operations. The wish to return see well without the use of glasses is perceptibly very powerful and comprehensible. Unluckily it is frequently hampered. But in fact there are risks and whether so what? To reply these questions, we must initial apprehend that this is surgery, and routine that takes approximately 10 minutes. Nothing so difficult and overwhelming, but like all interventions, even those ophthalmic surgery can give post-operative problems.

In more than 40 years of this technique, things are much enhanced but yet have not reached absolute perfection. The results and possible complications in fact rely on the kind of formula that you opt to use, but also the condition in the health general, and over all eye the patient.

To undergo refractive surgery this is known the technique is essential to have specific characteristics: at minimum 20 years and a steady myopia for at minimum 12 months. Can not undergo these operations diabetics who takes drugs or follows hormone therapy but who congenital defects of the cornea Or have it very lean, or in low- tearing.

Well friends, to put it short: for a candidate laser to rectify myopia is not indicated. Furthermore, the techniques are dissimilar, 5 the most frequent, each with pros and cons. They are known Intra – Lasik, PRK, Lasik, Lasek, Epilasik and do not need stitches.

Finding the correct constitution to turn is not difficult; in our country are numerous centers of excellence. I suggest girls whether you to chose to fall the glasses, this might be the correct occasion, but do not guess miracles while in some cases it has gone very close! In general, given the period, memorize to preserve your eyes from the sun.