National Health Insurance - Part 50

National Health Insurance - Part 50

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By Zane Backhouse on 22-07-2010

Why Medical Malpractice Insurance is Important For Physicians

Medical malpractice insurance is vital to a physician’s career. If they do not carry coverage, physicians put their career on the line. Financial ruin can ensue if a patient brings a lawsuit against him/her. Just one case can make or break a career that the physician worked so hard for. If a lawsuit is brought up in court, the plaintiff would be the patient, a party acting on behalf of the patient, or the executor of a deceased patient’s estate. Malpractice lawsuits can be made against a single physician, however, they can also be made against a hospital, clinic, or other type of medical institution. Dam

New Report Shows 87.7 Percent Of Alabama Small Businesses Eligible For Health Care Tax Credits

By Lilly Syme on 21-07-2010

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More than 87.7 percent of Alabama small businesses with fewer than 25 employees will be eligible this year for tax credits to help pay the cost of employee health coverage, according to a new report issued by the consumer health organization Families USA and small business advocacy group Small Business Majority. The tax credit program, a key element of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, targets small employers with up to 25 workers. In Alabama, this means 50,600 small businesses will qualify. Nationally, more than 4 million small businesses-83.7 percent-are eligible in 2010 for the credit. Read more…

By Zane Backhouse on 19-07-2010

Protect Your Farm With Farm and Ranch Insurance

Insurance means not only providing security but also sharing the risk with other policy holders. Farm insurance includes the safety of your farm against all kinds of risks and perils. Additional Insurance Policies for Farm & Ranch: Farm and ranch insurance even includes some kind of additional insurance policies like personal liability insurance and umbrella liability insurance. The personal liability insurance is all about covering the injuries and damages of a person, who has visited your farm or ranch.

Today’s News: Gov’t Blocks Health Insurer Mergers, Home Insurance Necessary for Hurricane Season and Life Insurance Assessment Tool Available

By Brayden Daley on 18-07-2010

President Barack Obama is warning health insurance companies that he won’t hesitate to block any company mergers that will stifle competition, while also warning homeowners to protect their homes against a rapidly-approaching hurricane season. Also, MetLife is offering a new tool to help individuals choose life insurance options more effectively.

Government Blocks Health Insurer Attempts at Mergers

Christine Varney, antitrust chief of the Justice Department, told a lawyers’ conference that the Obama administration plans to vigorously enforce anti-monopoly laws so that the newly-passed health care reform bill will see ultimate success. She note

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