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Fruit and Vegetables and why you need them daily!

Posted by Chris A on November 15, 2008 under Health, Nutrition Be the First to Comment

      Many people know that they should keep it up when it comes to eating both fruit and vegetables, but many don’t do it. These are both natural foods and should be a huge part of our diets. However, now that we are busier, we tend to reach for foods that are easy to make and don’t require a lot of thought in regards to preparing for meals. This is a mistake, as people are getting fatter and fatter as the years go on. We have been eating natural foods for centuries, but only with the upswing of prepackaged and preservative full foods have we seen an epidemic of obesity. 

     You are going to have a hard time finding someone who eats enough of either fruit or vegetables. They should accompany each meal (especially vegetables), and should be the majority of what people snack on when they are hungry between meals. The problem often starts as young as six months. Moms are busy, and they mean well, but they don’t seem to find the strength to change their own eating habits enough to include fruit and vegetable dishes, and the children then learn what they should eat by watching their parents. If they don’t see these things, they don’t learn to love them. However, it is never too late for any parent to introduce the amount of fruit and vegetable needed into anyone’s diet. Parents may have a hard time doing this, but the children will eat what they are given. They may resist, but they will eat when they are hungry. If you have plenty of fruit and vegetable items on hand, they are going to find them when they are hungry. They may look for chips and sweets first, but they will eat an apple or carrot sticks if they can not find anything else. After a while, they will learn to go for these first.

     You cannot find another food group that is denser with vitamins, minerals, flavonoids and antioxidants than vegetables. The majority of the carbohydrates in your diet should come from fruits and vegetables. They also contain important phytonutrients that you just can’t get from processed foods. These phytonutrients help the body repair and build healthy cells, tissues and organs. On top of this, you’ll get important fiber (which most people don’t get enough of) and vegetables also alkalize the body which is very important in disease prevention and helps reduce the acid load on the body.

     It might seem that serving fruit and vegetable items is more expensive, but you have to look at it in regards to your health, and the health of your children. Spending a few more dollars each week might add up, but think of what it can do for your life. Besides, those few extra dollars may be saved from your frequent copays to the doctors office in the long run! Maybe the saying “An apple a day will keep the doctor away” was true afterall. You will look and feel better, and your children will remain healthy and lean. You can grow your own fruit and vegetable gardens if you want to. You may find that you are eating healthier, and you may have also found a new hobby that you love.

What Does ‘All Natural’ Mean To You?

Posted by Chris A on November 12, 2008 under Health, Nutrition Be the First to Comment

What Does ‘All Natural’ Mean To You?

     There have always been people who try to live life in a healthy manner, but it is something that is becoming more mainstream in recent years. Stores that never gave it much thought before now have large organic sections and natural food sections for their customers. We put what tasted good and what was convenient into our bodies for the longest time, and we are learning that this is not the best for our health. When shopping, you do want to look for things that are all natural, but you do have to know just what that means and what to look for when you go. Some products out there say that they are all natural, but they really are not. There are some regulations that companies must follow to put this on the label, but they are not inclusive enough. There are too many loopholes, and no one can agree on what natural really means. If you think about it, everything is natural because it all comes from the earth at one point. Many things are chemically altered, but if made from a natural resource, some think that makes it okay to call it all natural. That is why the term can be misleading.

     If you really want products that are all natural, you have to investigate on your own. This means you have to learn how to read the labels on the foods you find in the stores. Don’t accept the ‘all natural’ label without looking a bit harder at what goes into that food or product. This is when you want to rely on your computer to help you out. You are going to see some strange words when you read any label, but you should never assume theyare what you want to put into your body. Look each one up online to find out what exactly they are and what they do.

     Once you find a good spot to buy your truly all natural foods, you should stick with them. Once you know you are getting the good stuff, it might be hard to find the same quality anywhere else. Don’t forget to look online for these great products. The Internet is a great place to look because you can find things from all over the country and even the world that you can have sent to your home. That means you can find the most natural itemsthere are, and you can be sure you are getting the very best.

     One of the best resources for “all natural” and healthy products I have found are from Dr. Mercola’s website   Dr. Mercola’s website is an excellent source for health and nutritional information and I highly recommend you read his book “DR. Mercola’s Total Health Program”! It will really open your eyes on the “junk” we pollute our bodies with everyday, even when we think we eat healthy.

Posted by Coach Blue on October 8, 2008 under Lifestyle Habits, Nutrition Be the First to Comment

   I was doing my weekly grocery shopping yesterday and was overwhelmed by how many companies are promoting these 100 calorie snack packs.  It seems you can get a 100 calorie snack pack for just about every junk food on the planet: cookies, chips, muffins,  candy,  you name it, someone has made a snack  pack.  I’m all for moderation in our diets but the 100 calorie snack pack products are junk.  They should call them “100 calorie crap packs”.  There is nothing of nutritional value in them.  Are they really that satisfying?  Once you get a small taste of something sweet don’t you crave more?   If you look at the ingredients of these snack pack it is all sugar, flour, and miscellanous other ingredients to add color and flavor. 

   The other thing that is disturbing is 100 calories of junk food is a very small portion.  It is almost nonexistent. The only people that are benefiting from these small cookies are the Keebler elves.  Now they are making something that will fit in their tiny  litte hands.  Their workmen comp claims for back strains must have dropped dramatically because that don’t have to haul those big cookies around to be dipped in fudge.   Next time you go to the store compare the portion size of a snack pack to a 100 calorie portion of vegetables.  You could eat a bag of spinach,  a pint of grape tomatos, or a bowl of broccoli.   These are 100 calorie portions that actually have nutritional value and will fill you up. The whole problem with the snack pack is it encourages people to snack on crap because it is only 100 calories.  We should be having small snacks between meals to boost our metabolism but this is the wrong choice.  The better alternative would be to have vegetables, low fat yogurt, cottage cheese,  nuts,  or fruit rather than mini hostess muffins.  It is better to save these treats for the 10% of noncompliant meals in your nutrition program.

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