Reversing The Disease Process of Type II Diabetes  Integrated Health and Chiropractic, PLLC

Reversing The Disease Process of Type II Diabetes Integrated Health and Chiropractic, PLLC

Type II Diabetes & Hypo-Thyroid CareCorporate Center – Lexington, KY.

Reversing The Disease Process of Type II Diabetes

Reversing The Disease Process of Type II Diabetes

Can the Disease Process of Type II Diabetes be Reversed?


 Autonomic System & Type II Diabetes Prevention

“This New & Amazing Breakthrough in Care is Reversing the Disease Process of Type II Diabetes, Naturally.”

“Improvements in Autonomic System are Inversely Associated with Diabetes, Independent of Weight Change!”

“ Autonomic System – Inversely Associated with Insulin Resistance!”

“Autonomic System Dysfunction - Predicts the Development of Diabetes In Healthy Adults!”

 (Full ADA article available upon request)

The 3 C’s of Success in Reversing the Disease Process of Type II Diabetes:  Focusing on Insulin Resistance – The Primary Problem.

We have found that the huge difference in the success at the our facility as compared to ‘conventional care’ is due to our focus on why you are Insulin Resistance. This can then be  put in a formula we refer to as the 3 C’s of our diabetic success program. But, the major part in properly addressing the underlying causes of Type II Diabetes is with a focus on the Primary Problem of Insulin Resistance.  Simply put, here they are.

 A Comprehensive lab-diagnostic assessment, including blood, saliva and GI tract – DNA testing, provides vital information about each individual’s unique reason as to why they have Insulin Resistance which is the driving force behind their Type II Diabetes. This is key. Insulin Resistance is the Primary Problem.  Everyone is as unique on the inside as they are on the outside.  Your reason why, you are Insulin Resistance is not the same as the next individual. 

Once each individual’s unique reason is revealed, a Customized Care program is established that is specific to that individual. In other words, you get exactly what you need to recover from this disease.

Clinically outstanding results is the result of each individual’s Customized Care. Our care is specific to the exact needs of the individual.

The single biggest short-coming of ‘conventional care’ is – everyone is treated basically the same way.                 In 100 people with diabetes, they are all being treated with the same 4 – 6 medications.  There is very little unique care with ‘conventional care.’

The Results of Individual Care are Absolutely Life Changing!

In fact, research proves that many if not all diabetic medications carry the risk of serious side effects causing weight gain. These side effects mask the problem and DO NOT treat the primary, root causes!

With Type II Diabetes, it’s most likely that your body is NOT  lacking the hormone Insulin. Your body is lacking the ability to use Insulin.

The Problem is with “Insulin Resistance”

Basically this means your body has lost the ability to use Insulin, even Insulin your pancreas is producing.

As your body’s cells become desensitized to Insulin, your cells ignore the Insulin, so, unable to properly use Insulin, you are then labeled:   Insulin Resistant.

Most likely, you DO NOT lack Insulin.

Your body, your cells are desensitized and lack the ability to utilize your Insulin. We offer a completely different approach to caring for and improving diabetes by determining why you are Insulin Resistant.

Old Conventional Care  =   Give More Drugs & More Insulin.

New Breakthrough Care =   Focus on The Primary Problem – Insulin Resistance. Get Your Body & Your Cells Working Better to Be More Sensitive, to Regulate and Use Your Own Insulin, thus Regulating Your Own Blood Sugar Levels!

Which one makes the most common sense to you, especially in light of the significant differences in the results of care?

Help is Available!  This new approach to Type II Diabetes is here in Lexington and is improving the lives of people with Type II Diabetes.

In fact, many of our clients as they begin to get well and their blood sugar levels function properly, they end up getting off most or all of their diabetes medications.

Of course, we don’t take them off. Their other doctor, the doctor who put them on medications take them off because they just don’t need them anymore.  Their follow-up lab results verify just how well they are really doing.

Our unique, individual program of care is improving & changing lives because – IT WORKS.

You see, where most physicians test for blood sugar levels and A1C levels and really not much else, we’ve designed an integrative testing approach, based on recent research, that goes into much more depth. Then the detailed findings are used to individually tailor and customize a treatment plan for each patient based on his or her own underlying causative factors.  The results are nothing short of amazing in most cases.

We get extraordinary results. Real results ‘conventional care’ can only dream of.  Here are some success stories from clinics using the same amazing system to reverse type 2 diabetes.

Type II Diabetes & Hypo-Thyroid CareCorporate Center – Lexington, KY.

Reversing The Disease Process of Type II Diabetes

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