Serenitee™ The Herbal PMS Cure - Testimonials

Serenitee™ The Herbal PMS Cure - Testimonials

"As someone with PMS I''ve been searching for something to help me handle the mood swings and aches and pains that I get. I tried Serenitee™ because it''s herbal and safe. Within the first couple of days I noticed my headaches had decreased and the bloating was gone. I can''t say all the symptoms totally disappeared straight away but I didn''t fight with my husband before this cycle and I feel generally better within myself. I''d recommend Serenitee™ to any woman suffering PMS."
Lynne Mason, Florida

"PMS used to make my life hell. I suffered from severe depression and anxiety month after month. I thought I’d never be free from my PMS till Menopause. But now thanks to Serenitee™ PMS is a thing of the past."
Roxy Lu, Seattle

"I had really awful PMS every month nothing went right. I cried all the time and my boyfriend said I wasn''t myself. He couldn''t understand why we had one fight after another. I started taking Serenitee™ and I feel the difference. I''m no longer so moody and can talk about my feelings without yelling all the time. Thank you for changing my life."
Tina Brown, New York

"I love it thanks to Serenitee™ I no longer suffer from bloating, headaches and depression every month. I sleep like a baby and no long suffer Bad mood swings."
Theresa James, Colorado

"I often suffered from painful symptoms such as vaginal dryness and backaches. PMS was a pain I wished I could remove from my life. Luckily a friend of mine said I should try Serenitee™. I had my doubts that a simple herbal pill would make my life better, but Serenitee™ really worked. Now I hardly notice any PMS symptoms at all."
Jill Flinch, Minnesota