The Johnny Weedseed Project: Decriminilization through Proliferation

The Johnny Weedseed Project: Decriminilization through Proliferation

10 years ago when I had the idea for the Johnny Weedseed project, I was too proud to ask for help. I wanted to do it alone, so I kept it to my self. Foolish, I know, and it mothballed for a decade. I’m confident I am not the first to come up with the idea that I have named the Johnny Weedseed Project, and now I’m hoping to share it with as many others as I can so the dream can become a reality.

At this point you may be wondering, “So what the hell is the idea, wordy?” Well, it’s simple. I don’t think marijuana should be illegal. I’m guessing if you’re reading this, you probably agree. The thing about laws though, is they’re only as good as the enforcement, and enforcement is a matter of logistics. Number of officers, vehicles, dogs, etc, all of these are finite and limited things. If the police didn’t have budget problems, they wouldn’t set up monthly speed traps to boost their revenues. Even still, as we all know, crimes go unpunished. Well, simply put, the Johnny Weedseed Project is an initiative to make marijuana enforcement so expensive and impractical that it can’t be done. To make the “situation on the ground” be that marijuana is just too damn common place to hope to try and contain it or enforce laws prohibiting ownership of it.

With effort weed can be as common as dandelions

Now, this may sound like a pie in the sky dream, but its not. There’s a reason that cannabis is nicknamed weed. It grows like one. It needs little attention, can grow in almost any climate, and spreads quickly. I’m not proposing anybody go out and plant fields of weed. There’s already lots of those, and law enforcement will concentrate their efforts on such obviously dense regions. I’m talking about all of us, however many millions strong we marijuana users are, just planting our seeds at random. Throw them in your neighbor’s yard when walking your dog. Toss them out the car window on the highway. Plant them at rest stops. Hide them amongst the potted shrubs at your work place. If there’s dirt, and sun, put seeds in it. Never a lot, a few in any one spot should do fine. Ideally, in a few seasons time, cannabis will start to truly spread like the weed it is. When there’s 3 bushes on the side of the road and random plants sprouting up in every neighborhood, it will eventually become impractical to continue enforcing possession. At that point, well, victory will have been achieved.

None of us could hope to do this alone. Together, we can each make an individual contribution to make a lasting change on the society in which we live. In short, “Yes, we can.” Heh

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